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Guest mrclean0325

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Guest mrclean0325

If you have ever wanted Facebook to pay you for helping them make BILLIONS?


This is your chance!


There is a new and revolutionary social media platform which pays YOU to use it.


It is absolutely FREE to join, use, and make CASH!


It is called MINDS


What makes it SO special?


  • Get paid for posting


  • Get paid for views


  • Get paid for comments


  • Get paid for up votes of your content


  • Boost you content to get more views and subscribers


  • Create groups


  • Create a blog


  • Create exclusive content people have to pay to access either one-time or monthly


  • No monthly fees, ups, or extras unless you decide to upgrade


  • Basically get paid for all you are doing now for ZERO dollars!


There are upgrade options for more features and goodies!


It pays directly to your bank account!


The affiliate program pays a whopping 25%!


Don't wait!


Start making money TODAY.




Click this link to join for FREE - MINDS

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Guest mrclean0325

So far it looks very promising. I really haven't done much of anything but explore the site and have made nearly $3 in the last couple of days just viewing the newsfeed. I really like the design and features so far. I have used a few sites like this in the past that didn't stick around though this one seems to have a lot going for it, who knows what the future holds. I originally thought the payout was a bit high, but now see you can get it pretty quickly if you take advantage of the sites features. I have a few other project to put to bed so I can devote more time to working the site.


Good luck to you and all who give it a shot...the more people who use it the better chance of it sticking around and making everyone some cash.  :D

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