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I came across this site - a cryptominer and wondering if anyone in our community is (was) a member of this site.


The site pays a bonus of 1BTC for joining which will accrue 0,0001% profit per day for free :unsure:  

Minimum deposit of 0.003BTC.


Looking forward to responses :) .


Thank you 


It looks like a scam. 0.00001% profit daily means just 1% in 3 years. that is 0.001 BTC and they are taking min 0.003 BTC which may not come back to you.  Ha ha ha.

I will suggest put 0.002 BTC one time in good matrix site. My recommended site is BTChamp2

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I also suggest USI Tech free registration and you can purchase BTC packs and or refer people so even if you dont have any money you can still receive BTC Commissions through referring others or if your too busy to refer others you can purchase 1 BTC pack and let the compounding profit earn you money.


I am doing both referring and purchassing BTC packs. but thats just me.

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