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Tailuns International Crowdfunding Donation Platform starting with only $5.





I've joined the program, started only yesterday to promote it 

We can build this like crazy. I am telling you this will be big.

My Sponsor is one of the Founders, so we have excellent chances to earn money here.


What is Tailuns International?


Tailuns International is a Crowdfunding platform where registered partners 

will receive donations from others registered people.

You will need to make a minimum of $5 investment to start and only 

a minimum of 2 people to directly sponsor by yourself, in the Tailuns system.


What is Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding is nothing more than a fundraiser, especially via the Internet, 

through small contributions from a number of groups sharing a common interest, 

or a common project, or intending to support an innovative idea.


How does Tailuns work?


With Tailuns you can earn in 2 ways.


1) Through the Classic Playground [/align]

which is nothing but a pseudo-matrix with 5 levels of depth 

(pseudo because it can have infinite referrals for each level) with only a $5 entry.

The upgrades to the next level ($20, $80, $320, $1280) are automatically done.


Potential Earning of the Classical Playground:




2) Through the Prosperity Tree

which is a binary system with very interesting spillover,

with closed number (14 people).[/align]

This is also very useful for people who are unable to sponsor, 

because in fact, your sponsor may place with spillover its referrals under you,

so as to complete a branch of its prosperity tree. 


Potential Earning of the Prosperity Tree:




Starting the Prosperity Tree binary system will need $10. 

After you'll get $10 in your account at Taliuns from your

first two referrals (2 x $5) the Prosperity Tree ($10) will be automatically activated .

Only the first activation from Classic Playground ($5) is done manually, 

all the future upgrades will be done automatically by the system. 

]We can optional invest $15 to manually upgrade 

both Classic Playground ($5) and Prosperity Tree ($10).


Each time you receive donations from your referrals, 

the money will be immediately deductible (manually withdrawing

the money starting with $1 and instant payment to your E-Currency Account).




Get going now since I am preparing to promote 

the hell out of this so you can catch all of that spillover


Take advantage of this opportunity, as Tailuns has been active shortly 

and signing up you will now succeed in occupying a top place 

of Prosperity Tree and gaining good money.


=> You need a minimum of only 2 direct referrals. 

If you have more, you will help them with spillover.


=> Automated System

No More Upgrading

Or Waiting to Receive Money from Other Members.


=> Instant Withdrawals, starting with $1


=> You Will Have a Complete Back Office 

so You Can Track Your Progress on a Daily Basis.


=> No Products to Sell or Stock.




For further questions, you can contact me here:

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