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Whats your best Bitcoin Multiplier

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Hi Team


I would like to know if their are any other good bitcoin multipliers out their. I have been using USI Tech for the following reasons


  1. Affordable - Accessable and easy 
  2. Free Registration 
  3. You can Earn Bitcoin by either purchassing a BTC package for only €50 or
  4. You can Earn Bitcoin by introducing others
  5. Your BTC packs multipy daily and compound for 140 days.

Like I said earlier USI Tech in my opinion is a good fit for anyone who either has time and no money in which case the referrla system will help you make money


Or perhaps you have money and no time to refer others because your too busy working 3 or more businesses in which case USI Tech is also a good fit for you also,


As for me I am doing both


Please share what your having success with.

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In my opinion there are no good bitcoin multipliers out there as they all turn scam because of the mlm component and compounding. Long term the best way is to buy and hold or trade your own coins.  That way you can only blame yourself if you don't know what you're doing. Just look what happen to rev shares and those private investor facebook groups. And now the new scams are those so called mlm multipliers. I suspect soon they will all be gone as many are already starting to stay away.

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I don't use any....



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