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Bitty.cash is a new site launched on 10/5/2017 where you can buy Bitcoin and earn it by referring members.  On the webinar, they said It is mostly caters to Bitcoin "newbies" , but that they will have a team of experts available in the member's area for support and questions.  Also, they will have a series of videos explaining Bitcoin and the Blockchain etc. for people who are not familiar with this terminology.     


Jeff Long, the founder and CEO of 1OnlineBusines, is one of the co-owners of Bitty.cash.  If you are a member of 1OB, you do not have to sign up for bitty.cash because they automatically created an account for you.  He stresses that this is not a passive Bitcoin earning platform, but you will be able to track and monitor your Bitcoin investments as the market changes.   


Here is a link to a replay of the webinar.    http://bitty.cash/join/webinar-replay/?ref=110432


Jeff explains it as a community of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who will share ideas and learn from each other.  I know when I first started with Bitcoin, I was confused trying to figure out Coinbase and setting up eWallets.  Most folks I know offline are not familiar with Bitcoin, but it is popping up in more and more places.  Bitty.cash sounds like a good starting point for people new to cryptocurrency.     



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