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Three additional ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platforms popped up last week.

We have to be careful as with so many of these popping up, there are bound to be some out right scams.


With that said, there is one, Falcon Coin ICO, that I really like.

from a lending standpoint, as well as a potential coin play, if they perform.

The Falcon Coin ICO has just started, with the coins currently priced at just $0.95 each,

the token sale is scheduled to run until November 15, or until all the hard cap is reached.

Right now, they still have 4+ million or so coins available and you can purchase

as many as you want (minimum 50 coins), whenever you want.

Falcon Coin states on their website that they have a trading bot,

[align=center]that trades on the volatility of bitcoin, similar to how Bitconnect operates.

Falcon Coin is offering the chance for investors to lend them money

and receive returns of over 1% per day, depending on the volatility of Bitcoin.


Here is the Falcon Coin ICO link:



I have bought 54 Falcon Coins:



While I am looking at this as a coin play, I like their lending a lot.


Get this.


1. Lends for as little as $1. So people will be able to relend at $1 vs. $10.


2. Once you hit a bonus interest, your entire amount that is in lending gets that interest.

So at $1,001, they pay 0.10% daily bonus.  So even if a person started with $100 and then relent their way

to $1,001... at that  point the entire amount would get the 0.10% daily bonus.

If they perform, this could be a very good lending play, as well as the potential for a strong Coin Play.


Here are the steps.


1. Click on ICO Crowdsale and check what the price per coin is.

As I'm writing you this, we are at stage 3, with a price of $0.95 per coin.


2. Wallet => Bitcoin => Deposit any amount of Bitcoin, so you can buy at least 50 coins 

(minimum $47.5 in Bitcoin = $0.95 x 50 coins).


3. After your transaction is confirmed you'll see your Bitcoin at Dashboard => Bitcoin BTC

Go to ICO Crowdsale => Contribute ICO => Max => Submit and you're done :-)


4. Your referral link is at Dashboard. Promote Falcon Coin to earn 5% affiliate commissions in Bitcoin.


This new platform offers a great chance to make a huge profit, by just waiting for the coins to get listed 

on an external exchange, or offers the option to earn additional interest with their lending platform.

Please note all investments like this are highly risky, I recommend investing with other platforms too, to spread your risk.


Here is the Falcon Coin ICO link:


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