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Google Adsense Paying Well These Day [A Boost For Content Writers & Bloggers]

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Dusted off my Google Adsense Publishers Account installed it on my site in early September 2017 expecting to find well maybe a few cents here and a few cents there only to my surprise to see my Adsense Account generating a few Hundred Dollars in a short few weeks.


One can hardly imagine how warm am feeling inside right now as I have only gotten less than 100 clicks so far but hell yeah this baby is paying especially from the mobile traffic (which is less that 10% of total traffic). 


To get the best out this latest opportunity am planning to scale up my visitor count to include more traffic from mobile users. The main risk am concerned about at the moment is the low quality traffic coming from safelists and an extremely few traffic exchange which send me traffic from referrals using their affiliate links. Safelist traffic has a notoriously disgusting bounce rate as most persons are only clicking to build up their credit balance so you would normally see a very unforgivable bounce rate of 97% or more.


Though I do send traffic myself to the site from safelists GOOGLE ads are only displayed inside the site after members login so am tentatively hoping this approach will find favour with the GOOGLE Adsense Team.


O.k now lets get back to the high CPC GOOGLE Adsense is now paying to publishers. I have seen where persons are saying that they are finding it difficult to get approval for the GOOGLE Adsense Publishers's program so here is a simple guide to getting approved:- 


1.Run an Adword campaign for about Three (3) months, yes get the qualifying traffic from GOOGLE.
2. Install AMP on your site for optimal delivery of your content to mobile user - 85% of users are mobile
3.Connect your site to GOOGLE Analytics for analysing your visitors
4. Optimize your onsite keywords to match the interests and affinity of your site visitors
5. Avoid using traffic from surf exchanges and safelists. These offer too low a quality for traffic
6. Ensure you get some local traffic as well that is in line with the relevance of your Adword keywords.
7.Keep abreast of things and happenings in Google's webmaster community especially for adsense.
8. Continue to improve the quality of your website by applying the Adsense guidelines.
9. Keep in touch with the Google Adsense Team show them you're interested to get your site approved
10. Eventually the Adsense team will approve your request for a quality content search relevant website
There you go, Ten (10) simple ordinary steps to getting your website approved for Adsense. For steps 5 and 6 you should also generate traffic from other sources as well not just Google Adwords but keep the keywords relevant to your content. If you run a wordpress site (or blog) do not stuff your posts with keywords and ensure your content is structures with proper headings etc going for at least 800 words per posts. 
You must provide information that offers a solution to what people are searching for such as guides, tips, recommendations, products reviews and so forth therefore building up your trust flow and authority
Credits for tips: Clicksellerate Online [clixlr8-dot-com]
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Adsense is a great way to make money as long as you play by their rules. I have found that those rules can be hard to understand, like traffic generation. They don't seem to have alot of suggestions other than "quality content". I have found a few items in their forums on what not to do (like buy traffic for instance), but not too much on the "what I can do" department. If anybody can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it.

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I find that offline advertising gets traffic. You will have to nerwork,talk to people, share flyers or business cards, and create interest with lively conversation.


As for online advertising...Also, if you are offering products or services along-side your (relevant) articles, try posting links for them acrossthe Internet.

Earning cash from home with Affiliate marketing & the wellness industry, I also enjoy "making music" with vocals & keys to uplift & encourage! Hopeisfree!

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