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Need a little help motivating your distributors?

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Get help. Engage the spouse to provide consistent day-to-day motivation for your distributor.




Back in the 1950s, one company had a contest for the salesmen to find new accounts. All of the salesmen were male.


The grand prize for opening 20 new accounts was a full-length mink coat for the spouse. Since this was quite a luxury in the 1950s, most of the wives were quite excited. They provided plenty of motivation for their husbands to go to work and accept the rejection that comes with prospecting for new accounts.


But the company was taking no chances. Each week the company mailed a postcard to the salesman's home with the number of new accounts opened so far. Of course the wife saw the postcard first and knew that if she wanted the mink coat, she would have to continue motivating and inspiring her husband.


The company got help. The company used weekly postcards to engage the wife into helping them motivate the salesman.


There is a lesson here.


You don't necessarily have to motivate the distributor. Instead, maybe you can engage the distributor's spouse, children, co-workers or friends to help you inspire the distributor to greater heights.


A company with a mostly female sales force could motivate the husbands to inspire their wives by offering a grand prize such as an 82" 3D home cinema TV with surround sound. Most husbands I know would chauffeur their wives to each appointment.




Of course, many goods and services are desired by both sexes these days. The key is to figure out what motivates the majority and go with it. Some good examples of motivators would be vacations, vehicles, appliances or even a creative prize that will allow for the winner to not have to pay his/her mortgage for a certain period of time (this is a very current desire as demonstrated by today's economy).

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