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Should Safelist Marketers Optimize for Mobile Traffic?


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Safelist traffic accounts for 95% of desktop users and 5% to mobile and smart devices do you think safelist marketers should customise their sites for users to access their content from a smart device?


I have evaluated a long list of safelist and viral mailers and have found that while their content is accessible from using a mobile phone or tablet the content being provided is not being delivered as custom content for mobile users.


I have never tried but how practical is it to read emails for credits using a mobile or smart device? Are user able to load pages displayed on viral mailer site easily and efficiently inside their mobile browsers?


Google has now made it standard for websites to be set up for the ease and convenience of mobile users so are safelist and viral mailers falling behind the march?


Have you ever tried clicking for credits on your mobile or smart device? If so what has your experience been like?

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According to my research, if you want to get and keep ranked on google.com, you will need three things: Video, mobile compatible, and original content. One of the updates seems to penalize sites that do not have the first two. The third one is more of a crackdown on sites that duplicate and publish another site's content.

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I have two mailers, one for desktop and one mobile compatible.

I test the value of each of them, and the second was evaluated three times more!

The problem with mobile devices is that only 3% of the people are surfing on mailers and TEs.

http://www.1001nightsmailer.com - a paid membership site which allows free members too!


http://www.pizzasafelistmailer.com - my first safelist mailer site!

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