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Shane Harrison

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Mail to almost 1 million members in just one click.


When you purchase a Super Solo ad from Simple Text Adz, it goes out to 21 different super solo networks involving hundreds of safelists.


Just imagine the results you'll get when you mail 774,520+ members in one click.


In fact, with the right offer, you can earn back the cost of this solo ad with just one sale!


* * *


Just to be clear, my recommendation isn't about the site itself.


It is about the Super Solo ads that are offered as login offers on this site.


To get access, sign up at the link below and then purchase one of the login solo ad offers to send out your Super Solo ad.


Click the link below to get started:



P.S. If you want to check which safelists are a part of the 21 super solo networks before you buy, join for free and then click "Purchase SuperSolos." Then click on "Click here to view our list of partner sites."

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