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Michael Benti

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One Little Pocket Sized Beacon Has A Powerful Advertising Punch!



So what is this device. The Asirvia Go uses Google's Nearby technology.

This pocket-sized beacon can broadcast a message and a clickable link automatically to all nearby Android phones,300 Feet Radius. 


How Can The Asirvia Help Grow Your Business?

From Affiliate marketers to Retailers we all need more leads and customers. The Asirvia Go passively keeps working for you 24 Hours a day. Strategically placed devices can yield great results.


Affilate Marketers/Network Marketers

Imagine going to see Tony Robins in a big convention center with other like-minded entrepreneurial types. If you were carrying an Asirvia Go beacon in your pocket broadcasting. Think how many leads you could get if you had the right offer. It's just a great way to get leads anywhere you go.


Restaurant Owners

If you own a restaurant you know you need to always look for new customers. The Asirvia Go can help you broadcast specials and deals and change people's mind when other restaurants are nearby yours.

If you have a delivery service like a pizza restaurant. You can have your driver carry around beacons advertising. Example* '' Any Pizza Place - Buy one large pizza get one free! Click Here to order now!'' then send them to the ordering website.



Are you a realtor agent? Great when a listing is up for rent or sell place an Asirvia Go on the property broadcasting a message asking if prospects want a virtual tour. Then link it to your website. 



What better way to promote Big Sale! Example* '' Any Clothing Store - Huge Summer Sale Save 50% Off On Select Items.'' Then link them to the store website.


Church Pastors

Now it will be easy to promote your services at a local church. Also, An easy way to send out a message to the congregation.


Bars/Night Club Owners

Promote drink specials and what type of night it will be at your bar/night club. Example* ''Any Club/Bar - It's 80's Night! 2.00 You Call It Until 1 AM!


Click Here

To Join Or For More Information 



  Up Coin- All Inclusive Crypto Exchange B)   


>Get $500 Dollars Free If You Join During Prelaunch

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How much do they charge? Does it work worldwide?

Hi there enbe here is the info :) 


GO BASIC Package Options*


$49.00/mo - 3 GO BASIC Services (inc. 3 GOs)

$99.00/mo - 8 GO BASIC Services (inc. 8 GOs)

$147.00/mo - 12 GO BASIC Services (inc. 12 GOs)

$195.00/mo - 16 GO BASIC Services (inc. 16 GOs)

$243.00/mo - 20 GO BASIC Services (inc. 20 GOs)

$423.00/mo - 35 GO BASIC Services (inc. 35 GOs)

$603.00/mo - 50 GO BASIC Services (inc. 50 GOs)

$903.00/mo - 75 GO BASIC Services (inc. 75 GOs)

$1203.00/mo - 100 GO BASIC Services (inc. 100 GOs)


It will work in Thailand and most other countries too.

  Up Coin- All Inclusive Crypto Exchange B)   


>Get $500 Dollars Free If You Join During Prelaunch

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