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FiCoin - ficoin.tech


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FiCoin is a new lending platform offering high interest returns similar to Bitconnect


The FiCoin ICO will start on December 13, with the coins priced at just $0.34 each.


They are offering also free Tokens (see details below).


Ficoin states on their website that they have a trading bot (FIBO AI),

that trades on the volatility of bitcoin, similar to how Bitconnect operates.


FiCoin is offering the chance for investors to lend them money and receive returns of up to 1.2% per day,

so the lending system will pay up to 36% monthly reward.


They have the shortest Investment Period of only 30 days, compared to all others Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms.


With that said, I really like FiCoin from a lending standpoint, as well as a potential coin play.


If you missed the Bitconnect start, here is your great chance!


Free Tokens


Dear user,


We are pleased to notify you that you are eligible for our 'Early Birds' promotion.

After joining our slack and telegram channel, you will receive 20 tokens 

for the first person you invite and 10 more for each one after that!


Just type "@[user's name] +1" in the group so we can validate it.


The tokens will be distributed after the Pre-Sale ends.


Best Regards,

FiCoin Team


The FiCoin promoters will receive 150 free Tokens and 15% Referral Commissions (Contact Support).


We've had another discussion and we want to offer you 150 FiC for each forum/blog/group post 

(apart from the 15% referral bonus).


You can update us with the status here and we'll give you the amount once we hit the pre-sale date.


Best regards,

FiCoin team.


The ICO Phase


The minimum investment for the ICO phase is 0.1 Ether or 0.004 Bitcoin.


Contribution in ETH should be made from third party wallet (e.g MyEthWallet, Parity or another ERC20 compatible wallet). 

For ETH contribution you just need an ERC20 compatible wallet.

When you send money from an ERC20 compatible wallet, our smart contract will send you back the promised FiCoin tokens. 

Important for Bitcoin contributors!

When you send a Bitcoin to our address, write a message with the current transaction. 

The message should contain only your ERC20 compatible wallet’s address, where we will send the promised amount of FiCoins. This is all but keep in mind that we cannot return your funds or FiCoin if you write a wrong transaction message/address.



FiCoin Roadmap




Lending Program




FIBO AI Trading Bot


An affordable platform, application or a bot that can trade instead of us and earn a continuous, stable and passive income hasn’t been created thus far.

The biggest weakness of the crypto currency market is its volatility, but on the other hand, this is also a chance for a huge profit. Our Solution is a new generation clever trading bot called FIBO. When we earn money on weekly or monthly basis, we will reward our users, depending on their amount of FiCoins. 

Users can also use our mobile platform to trade by themselves, therefore they have no limit in the money they can earn. 

Users who want to use this service will have to pay a small monthly fee.


FiCoin Referral Bonuses


We are trying to keep everything as simple as possible. It is the same with our referral system. 

When you share your personal referral link and a new user is registered from there, he will automatically join your referral list. 

Each time a user from referral list buys some amount of FiCoins, 10% of the amount will be added to your wallet at the end of the FiCoin sale round.





If you can't afford to lose it, you can't afford to invest it. 

I do not offer investment advice.

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My Ficoins: :D



Did You Miss Buying FiCoin During the ICO? We Are Giving Away FiCoin For FREE!!

Dear FiCoin Community,

We have been nominated for the Crypto Royalty Awards "Top Blockchain ICO", this will bring great exposure so therefore we would like to start a new competition!

We will select 10 winners who will receive 200 FiCoin’s each!

All you need to do is click on the link, log in and then vote for FiCoin as Top Blockchain ICO and BitClub Digital as Top Blockchain PR Agency, simply take a screenshot of your votes and email along with your telegram username to david@bitclub.digital. Please note to qualify you must vote in both categories before the 16th of January and if we are lucky enough to get in the top 4 you will also be required to vote between January 17th – January the 26th and provide proof of all entries. (Please provide the email with screenshots after the 26th January).



We have the best community of any ICO and together we will make FiCoin a world beater!

FiCoin Team



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Dear Community,


We're happy to announce that contract source code is now verified on Etherscan. You can now access the ABI code and check the Solidity Source code using this link:



We would like to kindly remind you that due to recent legal actions against similar projects, we are not accepting US citizens to participate in the project, or any citizen who’s country forbid entry into projects of this nature.


Our progress with the redesigning of the platform is 95% complete and we will be starting testing of the Staking model utilising the BitClub Digital support teams accounts.


We would also like to announce that we will be adding a new addition to the platform in the near future that will provide another valuable income stream. As you know to grow the client protection fund we will be investing Fibo profits into the very best ICO’s available. We have a dedicated team who will be selecting these and moving forwards the ones we are investigating will be reviewed on site. Anyone willing to access this section of the website will be required to go through gamification and we will also be supplying referral links to the projects. All income from Gamification and referrals will be used to further increase the client protection fund.


Best Regards,

FiCoin Team




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Why I invested in Ficoin.tech: :)







FiCoin - The golden ratio of crypto


Website - https://ficoin.tech/

Exchange - https://token.store/trade/FIC

Telegram - https://t.me/FiCoin

Telegram - https://t.me/FiCoinSupport

Twitter - https://twitter.com/fi_coin

Whitepaper - https://ficoin.tech/white_paper.pdf

Facebook - https://facebook.com/FiCoin-506994593009958/





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My first withdrawal: :)



How to stake:




How to withdraw:




Token.Store Tutorial:




FiCoin update 3 - 4500 Stake , Buying more FiC and Predictions:







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