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Monetize Coin ICO is a Hot Lending Platform:


=> Total Supply 12M

=> ICO supply 7M only

=> Earn upto 40% profit per month

=> You can Deposit with BTC or ETH right now

=> Price will increase 10 cents after each round

=> Expected price when it hit the exchange is 10$

=> Minimum amount of MNZ coins to buy: 50

=> Internal exchange & Staking & Lending will start in Feb 2018

=> First Ever platform where you can see Real-Time Bot on the site when Lending platform Launched

=> You can withdraw you deposit amount any time during ICO

=> Affiliate commissions up to 5 levels deep






If you can't afford to lose it, you can't afford to invest it.

I do not offer investment advice.

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Tokenomy still works the best


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I have bought my coins in ICO Round 5.  :D 





stole all my money

cant buy token, block my ORDER!, wtite support and no money

SEE STATUS . I buy from 1 second of round 5!


I know this is frustrating but they didn't block your order and nobody stole your money.

All the orders are put in a queue and all the coins were sold, before your order came in turn.

Look at my screenshot. I have had the same problem in ICO Rounds 2 and 3.

Only for the third time, I managed to buy my coins.

There are a lot of chances to buy the coins.

Just take a look at ICO calender.







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