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How to teach your downline to get appointments.

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A few years ago I had lunch with my friend, Chris. Why? Because I believe in taking experts to lunch and finding out exactly what they do and say to build their businesses.


Chris shared this story with me:






I wanted to go to Chicago and help my group grow. I was talking to one of my newer distributors and I asked him to set a few appointments so that I could give his prospects a presentation. Here is how our conversation went:


Chris: So call a few friends and set an appointment.


New Distributor: But I can't do that. I don't know what to say. Could you tell me what to say when I call prospects? I'm not trained. It's too hard ... blah, blah, blah.


Chris: If I gave you $1,000 for each appointment you arranged, how many presentation appointments do you think you could arrange?


New Distributor: Well, if I got $1,000 for each appointment, I could set appointments with at least 50 people!


Chris: So whatever you planned to tell those 50 people, that's what you should say when you call prospects for an appointment.




Kapow! Right between the eyes.


No more excuses. The distributor realized that he already knew enough to make phone calls asking for an appointment.


And Chris didn't have to spend hours on the telephone practicing telephone scripts with the new distributor.




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