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I took a chance with this program. and I really didn't have the money to spend.
It seems to have a great plan for bring traffic to your links. so I upgraded the
starter level good for 3 months.

Sure you upgrade in one of the 3 options, but either option brings great results. good. How Do I increase Website Traffic?

-- Your Ad Appears In Over 75 Areas
-- Your Offer Promoted By The Members.
-- Your Ads will get impressions and clicks.

Get Website Clicks Fast

I joined a couple of weeks ago, at launch.  I submitted my banner, a big 320 x 320 banner that rotates
on every members front page, at login, all over the member's areas.  I kept and eye on the impressions and
clicks. My tracking links report shows 1 click per 66 impressions.  Plus I generated a paid signup 
to the program that I am currently promoting.

This program generated real big hitter.  I have been a member of a nice 2up program  but never was
able to signup anyone.  I let it set dormant for a few months.  Now its off and running because of My Viral Push.
So far I have 3 signups  with in a few days AND 3 DIRECT PAYMENTS TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I am  not making this up.

So if you've been asking how to get traffic to your website and  in need of high volume exposure, with 
real & true viral traffic. this is your ticket item. Just One banner promotion has shined a solo ad.


More Info Here

5 stars For This Traffic Program.  



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