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What first? Buy hosting or build a website?

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what should be done first? Building a website or buying a domain? I have already picked my niche and created some content but haven't published anything yet. What do you guys recommend? Is it better to build a website first, then buy a domain or vice versa?


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I approach this a little differently. If the site is a script, the first thing I want to know is what the script requirements are and then I check with my existing host to see if they can meet those requirements. In those cases I don't have a host, I start looking for hosts that meet those requirements. Most of the time, I keep to those hosts that have proven track records of reliability.

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In my experience, I choose a website-host first. The ease with which to design a website is the determining factor when choosing a host, not merely the price.

This means that I had to shop around to find a host that provides all the elements I needed. I’ve changed hosts twice. But now that I’ve found one that meets (most of) my requirements, I’m loyal to it, because I’ve become comfortable with it. No hosting platform is perfect. But, like a marraige, once you find a template that you like, visual elements that help you be creative, a price you can afford, you’re on your way!

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Buy a domain name first. Before buying, do some keyword research. For best results, you need to have your keyword in the domain name. 


The second thing is to build your site. I recommend a self hosted Wordpress site.


The third, and really the most important thing, is to start building an email list. For this you will need an autoresponder.

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