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Post Free Ads Daily To Find Your Future Diamonds...


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Hi Fellow MC Members and Guests,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

Today is a great day to post FREE ads that won't cost you anything except for a little time and effort.

With FREE advertising you won't have to:
- Wait for your paid ads to be posted
- Wait to get money to post ads
- Worry about where to place your ads
- Waste money on worthless resources
- And Etc...

With FREE advertising your ads resources are unlimited...

For me, I only use Traditional advertising to post free ads:
- Viral Mailers (My favorite method)
- Safelists (Credit based)
- FFA (Free For All)
- Traffic Exchanges
- Ad Boards
- Banner Ad Network
- Viral Ad Network
- Classifieds
- Text Ads Network
- And Etc...

Why Traditional Advertising?

Because people know upfront what I'm trying to do, I'm not trying to make any friends while advertising, I trying to grow my team, make sales, and etc...

What other reason do I prefer Traditional Advertising?

- People already know how to post Classifieds Ads
- People already know how to post Text Ads
- People already know how to post Banner Ads
- People already know that they have to advertise to generate traffic and sales
- And Etc...

Do Free Advertising really work?

- I won FAFY Top 100 Leaders For December 2017 and January 2018! :)

Tip: Post Free Ads Daily To Find Your Future Diamonds...

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What DOES NOT work with free advertising (or advertising in general) is inconsistency.  The free variety is stigmatized because many are not consistent with it.  


You have to think "slow drips" over time rather than a fully flowing faucet in spurts.  Even the Fortune 500 companies realize this...and they have million dollar budgets to run the same ads over and over, and over! 


Sure, they can wait to reveal their best ads once a year during popular events; but that would be counter-productive.  Instead they do that AND they advertise (consistently) the rest of the year. 


They do it because it works.  


You want to track your advertising, of course, but consistency is key. 

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