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How To Translate Features Into Benefits

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The bottom line in selling is simple. People buy what they want. Always have. Always will.




The key for business people like you and me is to quickly tell our prospective customers why they should want what we have. In other words .... benefits!




Understanding the difference between a feature and a benefit is vital, and easy.




A feature is what your product does.




A benefit is what is does for me!




Now let's look at how to tell your prospects about the benefits they will get from your product. It is vital for all business people to understand that buying decisions are made based on emotion and then supported with logic. For our site to sell well, we need to very quickly present our visitors with the reasons why they should buy from us.




These reasons are the benefits our customers will enjoy by owning our product or service.




While most of us can quickly tell any prospective customer what our product does we often forget to take the extra step of telling them how our product will make their lives better. Remember that most Internet shoppers want to either save money or make money. Those are the top two motivations of people who buy online.




In that light, be sure your site tells your visitor exactly how you will help them do these two things.




Does your product save time? Time is money.




Here are four simple steps to help you translate your product or service's features (what it does) into benefits (what it does for me).




After you make your list, be sure to review your selling literature, be it a web page, email or brochure, and make sure that you are selling benefits.




After all, everybody wants to know what's in it for them. ;)




List the key features of your product ... the things that make it worth having. Describe what each one does; how it works.


Determine how that feature gives the customer an advantage. Write it down next to the feature.


Think through how that advantage makes or saves them time or money. Be able to state every feature in terms of money. Write it down next to the advantage.


Write out benefit statements for each feature. Memorize your list. Write it down and carry it for quick reference.




You have now created a feature, advantage, and benefit list. By committing these statements to memory and using them often, you will now be speaking the prospect's language, the language of saving or making money. That's the sound they love to hear.

Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
Inrernet Marketing Professional



Waterstraat 59
8730 Beernem

Mobile: +32496292333
Phone: +3250791910
Skype: rudi.vanhaecke



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