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I just came across a thread on the Warrior Forum with no replies, from someone asking about something called TEMBrowser and I was wondering if anyone here in the forum has any experience using it.


I found this on the site...



"TEMBrowser is a Chromium-based browser designed specially for surfers who enjoy surfing lots of traffic exchanges and viral mailers at the same time. Using TEMBrowser you can easily manage your growing list of sites and surf dozens of sites simultaneously.

TEMBrowser provides many features to make your surfing experience smoother and faster, such as Power Tab, Click Tracking, Bonus Alert, Verification Alert, VTG Game Alert, Auto Login, etc.

TEMBrowser recommend lots of high valuable traffic exchanges and viral mailers to you everyday includes Daily Surfer Rewards, Group Surfing Rewards, Surf Promo Codes, you can eaily decide which sites to surf and what surfcodes to use."



It also claims to support 657 traffic exchanges, mailers and PTC programs


Any and everyone feel free to reply :)


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Long time ago i used this http://tembrowser.com nice site indeed but


Now I use http://www.trafficbrowser.com

with 3 Ref Levels and 455 Traffic exchanges surfing up  to 15 Sites at one window and autologin.
Popupblocker and Block Autoplay up to 75 % of autoplay media.
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Interesting concept here :)


I just joined both TEMBrowser and Traffic Browser and after a bit of snooping around,


it appears TEM is better.  TEM has an "inactive" category for all the sites they list


whereas Traffic Browsers sites are all just grouped together. :unsure:


I'm also looking for more of an in depth first hand account of of these two or any other


similar sites that support and list massive amount of traffic exchanges and safelist style sites.

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