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How to Sell Organs

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I often talk about reverse marketing as a great way to build your business.




Here is an example of reverse marketing. Hopefully it will get you to think about how you can use this technique to get more qualified, pre-sold prospects into your business.


Not a lot of people wake up one morning and say: "I think I want to buy an organ today."


So if you're an organ salesman, how can you build a successful business?



One organ salesman lived in a retirement community in Florida. Organ sales were terrible. No one wanted to spend thousands of dollars on an organ, especially since they didn't even know how to play an organ.


To stimulate interest in organs, the organ salesman gave free or low-cost organ lessons to senior citizens. The individual and group lessons became a social event for them. They brought their friends and the organ students multiplied.


After buying their first organ, the students also had a fun activity at home. It helped pass the time between their favorite television shows. Soon they would watch television from their organ bench and play the organ during the commercials.


Practice makes better. And now the organ students wanted a better organ at home and upgraded to a more powerful organ. Of course the profits were greater on the larger organs.


The organ salesman eventually retired -- rich.



See the moral of the story?


The organ salesman saw his business as creating a community of organ enthusiasts rather than just selling organs.


What type of community can you build that will help you build your business?


Here are some ideas:

•A community of people striving to become debt-free.


•A community of people worried about their cholesterol.


•A community of people who hate commuting and want to work closer to home.


•A community of people who believe in losing weight and staying fit.


•A community of people who want to reduce their taxes.


•A community of people who want extra money for an exotic group vacation. every year (they may like to cruise together.)


Marketing is not hard -- and it makes prospecting, recruiting, and selling easy.



Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
Inrernet Marketing Professional



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8730 Beernem

Mobile: +32496292333
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Skype: rudi.vanhaecke



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