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How Can I Learn To Write Great Ads?

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Q. How can I learn to write great ads?



A. Writing ads is easier than most people think. The secret is to break the ad down into three parts, and make each part the best possible.




HINT: Keep a file of the great ads you see. The ads you respond to are a good place to start. While it would be wrong to use these ads without permission, there is nothing wrong with using them for inspiration or as a model to follow.




Ads have three components.

1.The headline. An 'ad for the ad', the headline draws the reader in.

2.The body. This is where you make the case for why someone should respond.

3.The call to action. Often overlooked, or minimized with a "click here" this is where you tell the reader what to do next, and remind them why taking action is good for them.


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