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Hello, my name is Lina Hajas. Not sure this program is already listed here(I checked it out to see if is listed) and I would like to share with you a new way to market. If you are a marketer, the one thing you do everyday is send out emails . . . emails to introduce yourself to prospects . . . emails to followup with prospects . . . emails to communicate with your personal group . . . emails to friends, family and business contacts.

This signature will be a great way to attract attention to who you are and what you offer!

This signature can get increased views to your capture page with every email you send, give away more copies of your ebook which generates traffic and cash for you, connects you with people and projects an image of someone who knows what they are doing making money online . . . and provides a 5 level residual compensation plan that will produce multiple streams of income with every person you sign up.

Start using this signature in all of your emails! After you see the training video you can check out the following links:




I am part of a Project and we use Signature Source. Please check this video first:




The second Video:


Home Page



Referral plan explained



Sign up page



Use and customize a signature like this for your team and for your business!




I would like to share with you my own signature but it seems the HTML Code doesn't work:)




Lina Hajas









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