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I have to say something about ECKO COIN

because your ability to get these coins SUPER cheap is QUICKLY GOING AWAY FOREVER!

A little birdie has told me they will be listed within the week. 

You can either buy ECKO COIN HERE for a minimum of BTC 0.0007315 ($5.7)

or purchase HERE a package starting at $150.

Please do NOT miss this!


Coin Name – ECKO Coin

Ticker - ECKO

Algorithm – X13

Coin Type - POS

Total Coin Supply - 400 Million

Premine – 300 Million

POS Block time – 60 Seconds

Coin Age – 24 Hours

POS Rate - 10% Per Annum



Collateral – 100000 ECKO

Confirmations – 15

Reward - Variable


Note: The premine of 300 Million are the coins that would be distributed.

The remaining 100 Million out of the total supply of ECKO is for Staking and Masternode rewards.

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