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Cryptocoin Airdrop C3C - airdropalert.com/join/C3C


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Today's free coins:  :D
Crypto Coin News (C3C ~$18) Airdrop!
Register HERE
Only 15,000 spots available, currently at about 3,000 so take action quickly!​​​​​​​
Complete a few quick steps to join the Crypto Coin News (C3C) airdrop. 
At completion of the form you will receive a unique referral code. Earn 5 C3C (~$3) for each friend you refer!
Distribution: 30 C3C (~$18) will be airdropped after Token sale on August 1st 2018
Maximum 15,000 participants allowed to the Airdrop.
Airdrop Rules
1) Complete all steps of the form
2) Spam in Crypto Coin News Telegram group will result in immediate ban from airdrop. Do not promote other project/links
3) Airdrop questions should be sent to support@airdropalert.com or read our FAQ. Please do not ask in the Telegram group, in most cases this isn't beneficial to community members. 
Form Guide:
1) To set Telegram username: click on the Menu button in top left of Telegram screen. Select “settings” and set a username.
@ Is accepted in username
2) To find your Twitter username: go to your Twitter profile. Your URL will be https://twitter.com/yourusername.
Only copy the username after the /
3) ETH wallet address has to be ERC 20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.
4) For questions, please read the Crypto Coin News airdrop FAQ
5) To check your referral status go to your Dashboard
=> Please note: at the registration you need an ERC20 compatible Eth Wallet address.
For example you can get it at: https://www.myetherwallet.com/
Here is a very good video tutorial:

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