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This is Frank Hester again and I bet you wonder why we call the compensation
plan at Coinpressions2 as an "Exploding Matrix".
Well, it's pretty simple and VERY Powerful and Lucrative for Active members
like you.
Here's the scoop:
With your $2 purchase you are placed into a fast moving 2x2 matrix.
When you cycle this small matrix (it only takes 6!) through your efforts 
and possible spillover and spillunder you earn cash and then are automatically 
paid into the $4 matrix and you receive a $2 re-entry.
So far, that's pretty standard, right?
But, as you progress up the matrices you receive more and more $2 re-entries
allowing the system to "Push from the Bottom" and create an EXPLOSION of cash
rewards and re-entries.
EACH and EVERY $2 purchase can generate up to $104 in cash earnings, PLUS
up to 27 $2 re-entries that can each generate $104 plus another 27 re-entries.
Do you see why it's called an EXPLODING Matrix?
You started with $2 and one matrix entry and it can EXPLODE into many, many, many
matrices (up to 27 for each $2!) as you refer and duplicate.
How cool is that?
If you want your income (and your advertising credits) to EXPLODE then Now is the
time to get started and you can do so for only $2*. 
Just log in to your Coinpressions2 members area, click on the "Deposit Funds" link
and, once your deposit is processed just click the "Purchase" link and follow the
It's just that simple and, yep, you'll be glad you did!
Remember, that if you have any general questions you can ask them in our Private,
Helpful Facebook Group, or, if an issue related to your account our Friendly Helpdesk
Staff is here to assist you.
Thanks so much and, hey, have a Great Day!
Frank Hester, Owner/Founder, Coinpressions2 and Coinpressions
and the Coinpressions2 Admin and Programming Team


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