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Here is my capture page:




Below is the email from my sponsor.


FIRSTLY: If you don't have a capture page please request one.

Send your full name,email and referral link.


I am teaming up with Lance one of my referrals

For those who don’t know Lance he has lots of experience in team building.

He was the team leader in SFI. He has a large following of members who respect him

Greatly.  He left SFI due to them overhauling the compensation plan which became

Detriment to how members would eventually earn a residual income long term. But that’s another



In conjunction with Lance we swapped ideas about the AR letter that goes out to subscribers.

We decided to redo it so as a member you have the option to pif someone in if you want

to. It’s not mandatory although we suggest if you can offer that do so it’s to your advantage

In the long run. Lance is going to add more letters as soon as he gets them done.He is a good

Letter writer.


With the new letter it prompts subscribers to request your link. When they do please send out

The following email DO NOT send the welcome email with the getting started document until they

Show in your back office as paid or if you decide to pif them in.


You will see I have also included the two attachments again which you send out along with the welcome letter I sent you.


The email to send new subscribers.

Hello (NAME)

Thank you for requesting a join link to join our Power Of Nine Team Build.

Please join from this link>>> (YOUR LINK)

Once you have registered login to your back office and purchase your main position for $1.65

Please give admin time to verify due to possible  different time zones.

Once you show in my back office as a paid member I will forward our Team welcome letter and

Getting started instructions along with a link to our Team Only Website.


I look forward to welcoming you to The Power Of Nine Team.





HERE IS THE NEW AR LETTER: This is of course with your own details in the AR.


 Hello [[firstname]]


Thankyou for subscribing.  You can unsubscribe at the bottom of these emails at any time by clicking the link at the bottom.


Welcome to our team-build “THE POWER OF NINE”!


70% of the people in network marketing have never made $100 a month or more.

The company (UniqueAdvertising4Sure) is brand new, our team is brand new!


The best way for you to understand what we’re doing is to simply watch this 12 minute video:



Highlights:  It’s only $1.65 ONE TIME!


What’s the product?  Advertising - both online AND offline!


What do I get for my $1.65?  500 text and 500 banner ads.  They accept STP, credit cards, and PAYPAL!  Too much?  Ask about our PAY IT FORWARD program!


It’s a 3 x 5 team forced matrix and a CYCLER!  But remember, this is a team-build, and this is a new company AND team … YOU WILL GET SPILLOVER!  You could be AT THE TOP of a GIGANTIC team in just a few months!


Once you have watched the video, shoot me an email requesting the link to join.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Team!

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