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I am introducing a new Bitcoin earning and online shop / affiliate promotion platform here. Have you ever thought that you can earn Bitcoin with your daily purchases? Now, you can!


The LookBook (https://www.thelookbook.ml) is a fashion showcasing and networking community for shoppers, fashion lovers, online shops, brand marketers and affiliates!


Every time when you want to purchase clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelries, beauty and skin care item, please always make a search on The LookBook. When you find the items you want to purchase, go and purchase at the online shops through The LookBook's "visit" links. Once you've received the items from the online shops and confirmed with satisfaction, upload your photo with the items purchased onto The LookBook site and share with friends. You will earn 500 satoshi for each photo on each purchased item. Besides, daily login can earn satoshi as well. It's just simple and make no effort at all!


The LookBook is also a social networking platform for you. You can add friends, join groups, send messages to friends, post whatever you like, etc.


For paid members, you can even showcase your online shop products, brand products or affiliate products on The LookBook and link to your own ecommerce sites or sites you promote for users to complete purchase. You can create groups and invite your friends and customers to join. You can share your brand/product news with them and get followers.


If this is for you, register to get 1,000 satoshi registration bonus now! Join free: https://www.thelookbook.ml/registration/



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