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What is Front Page Mail?


FrontPage Mail gives online businesses a way to get on the front page of Google and many other search engines in a completely unique way. It offers 3 kinds of Solo Ad Mailers that put you on the front page search I The simplicity and ease of use will astonish you. It is completely unique and novel. There is nothing else like it online.


Buying Keywords and owning them at Front Page Mail


You can buy keywords and keyword phrases . Prices start at 1.00 and the majority of words sell for 1.00. The prices can go up to over 1000 for certain very popular words but most people will be able to get the words they want for a buck or two. Once you own a keyword, You are in the complete control of that word and it gets you on the top of all searches at the site. Wait until you see it in action. You are going to say Wow! This is really cool.


Can I join Front age Mail for Free?


Yes you can join Free and you will get some Free Advertising but in order to buy keywords and to use the mailers and get your sites at the top of the Search Engines, you will need to fund your account or upgrade your account. You can do that in the members area of FPM but watch for the One Time Offer for Founder as you sign up. You will pay more for it in the members area.


Can I earn Money at Front Page Mail?


Yes, Definitely. We have an affiliate program and commissions range from 10% for free members to 35% for Founding members . These commissions are for the sale of memberships. You can also earn up to 20% on funded accounts and up to 50% for linking fees


How do you pay commissions at Front Page Mail?


We pay Commissions by Paypal, by Solid Trust Pay and by Check.

There is a $2.50 check charge for payments by check. We pay every Friday provided a payment has cleared our payment processors for at least 7 days. If the payment is less then 7 days old, it will be paid on the next Friday after the payment has aged at least 7 days. For any payment that may be questionable , we reserve the right to hold any commission payment for as long as it takes to determine if it has cleared.


Do you give Free Advertising to Members?


Yes each membership level can give away Free Advertising Credit to their downlines. Free Members can give a way 5000 Credits, Pro Members can give away 25,000 Free Ad Credits, Managers can give away 50,000 Free Ad Credits and Founders can give away 100,000 Free Ad Credits. This means that members are giving away up to $500.00 in Free Advertising Credits to each and every person who signs up under them. You can check out the value of these Free Ad Credits on the Upgrade Page in the Members area.


Is Front page Mail Easy to Use?


Front page mail is very easy to use. If you need help you always get us through the support desk. Our door is always open. Walk through It.


Do you have any stats to back up why I should use Front Page mail?


I have used the FPM Mailer once and have outlined the stats below:


FPM Mailer Stats

Solo Ad Subject Sent To Clicks Click Through Rate [fname] Your One Stop Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raiser 1063 559 52.59%

I have used the Kulebuzz Mailer 3 times and have outlined the stats:


KuleBuzz Mailer Stats
Solo Ad Subject Sent To Clicks Click Through Rate Twitter Social Networking. Tweet, Tweet but do not bleat 1233 580 47.04% Squeeze Page Design Guide 1224 1160 94.77% Affiliate Marketing What is it and how do I get involved 1076 534


I would love for you to join me at Front Page Mail and would like to offer a $500 advertising incentive for you to join me at Front Page Mail. All you need to do is click the link below.




and send me your user name to allow me to confirm you are in my downline.


Best regards



Best Regards




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