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Hi everybody,


Recently I have founded a new way to generate free cryptocurrency coins using the Telegram App!


Below you'll find a list of 20 Telegram CryptoBots I have joined but I don't know if they work or not and if they pay or not.


I'm not going to invest in any of them untill I know if they pay-out. And you should too.


Maybe you're already a member of one of them and have experience with them  so I would like to invite you to share your thoughts.


Just leave a comment and let us know if they pay or not.


The Telegram Crypto Bots I have joined:

  1. Bitcoin Cloud Mining [Official]
    This is thr OFFICIAL TELEGRAM Cloud Mining Service. Start with 200Gh/s free!

  2. Bitcoin For Free
    Every day you will receive free lottery tickets. Each ticket gives you a chance to win up to 1 BTC!

  3. Robot Coin
    Play the game and earn real money!

  4. Hay Day 2
    Play the HayDay game and earn real money!

  5. Cash Robots
    Play the game and earn real money!

  6. Jurassic World
    Play the JuraWorld game and earn real money!

  7. Cosmo Cash Bot
    Play the Cosmo Cash Bot game and earn real money!

  8. HouseMoney
    Economic game where you can earn real money

  9. CarBTC
    Collect your own cars and earn Bitcoin real money

  10. Magic Bitcoin Farm
    Play the Magic Bitcoin Farm game and earn real money!

  11. Dino Park Game
    Play the JuraWorld game and earn real money!

  12. Robot Automatic
    Get Bitcoin free!

  13. HashCloud Bitcoin Mining
    The most preferred bitcoin cloud service. Start with 175Gh/s free!

  14. HashRain Cloud Mining
    Best Cloud Service On Telegram. Start with 175Gh/s free!

  15. BitCloud Bitcoin Mining
    Miner is a highly efficient piece of mining equipment specially designed for cryptocurrency mining.Start with 50Gh/s free!

  16. Bitcoin Cloud Mining
    Bitcoin Cloud Mining - an investment project dealing with mining and trading.

  17. HashRich Bitcoin Mining
    This mining-project has been growing in an unprecedented way since the day we have started it. Start with 50Gh/s free!

  18. Telegram Bitcoin Mining Online
    Bitcoin Mining Online - an investment project dealing with mining and trading!

  19. Bitcoin Cloud Mining - DON'T JOIN @cloud_mining_btc_bot - IT'S A SCAM! THEY DO NOT PAY!
    Cloud bitcoin mining service. Start with 100Gh/s free!

  20. Claim With Me
    Claim With Me - an investment project dealing with mining and trading Bitcoin.
Edited by Darren Olander
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With Love from CryptoCoinChick



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