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A newly launched ad exchange, founder is Dawud Islam. 


Use a Promo code welcome to get 5 banners and 5 text ads

with 5000 impressions each plus 25000 credits


I am getting good conversions from Dawud Islam's sites, especially

from solo ads, so get in now and get some quality advertising!


Join Convert Ads Pro here!

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I'm aware of his sites and am a member of

Half of them.


I think he gives way to much free ads though and he seems to just be giving



That can cause traffic to be real slow.

Every business wants to expand and his business model to launch many sites and give away ads has helped him to get more members and earn more money. 


Of course, click rates have dropped, compared to the time when he had just 5 sites (now 24 that enable solo ads) but his sites are still my #1 source of subscribers (as a network of sites).


So the traffic quality is still good, I guess the reason is, he has built a very strong personal brand and it makes some pre-selling work on behalf of advertisers.

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I am a member of all of the elite tigers sites and enjoy all the benefits of tons of promo codes for free advertising and upgrades plus good quality signups.


Have you already used the option to get solos for purchasing a WSO from Dawud's bonus page? I just purchased a $10 WSO yesterday and got 150 solos at all ETG sites, a total of 3600.

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