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Ezine Advertising Terms

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Ezine Advertising Terms




To understand successful ezine advertising, you must know the types of ads available and the costs of those ads. The following describes the types of ads that publishers sell, as well as how they are generally priced.




What is an ezine?




EZINE - An ezine is an electronic newsletter sent to people who subscribe to it via email. The word "ezine" comes from combiing the "E" in electronic and the "zine" in magazine. Hence the word ezine, which is pronouced "ezeen" like the word Queen.




While ezines take many forms -- some are in HTML like a web page while others are plain text -- most ezines include helpful articles about a specific subject. People subscribe to ezines in order to learn more about a subject or stay updated on a subject.




Because ezines are so topic-specific they are the perfect advertising vehicle for reaching an audience who has already expressed an interest in a particular subject.




Types of Ezine Ads



CLASSIFIED - A typical classified ad is usually between 3 to 5 lines long and 60-65 characters per line. These types of ads are generally grouped with other ads in it's own section.



SPONSOR AD - An ad that often has the title 'sponsor' or 'a message from our sponsor'. Usually between 7 to 12 lines at 65 characters per line.



TOP SPONSOR AD - A sponsor ad located at the top of the ezine. Everyone sees this ad since it shows in the first 'page view' of the ezine. Sells for a premium price.




MIDDLE SPONSOR AD - A middle sponsor ad is placed in the middle of the ezine generally after the first article. Sometimes called a "second sponsor ad", in some cases the ad appears within the featured article. Some publishers charge more if it appears within the article. This space cost less than a sponsor ad, but cost more than a bottom sponsor or classified ad.




BOTTOM SPONSOR AD - Located at the bottom of the ezine but not included with the classified ads. This spaces sells for more than a classified and less than a middle or sponsor ad.




SOLO AD - This 'ad' is actually a mailing sent to the list of subscribers of the ezine. When you buy a solo ad, your ad is the only thing the reader sees. Often can be much longer than a regular ad. Sells for a high premium.




Ezine Ad Costs




While there are as many ways to price an ad as there are ezines, these pricing models are the most common.




Cost Per Thousand (CPM) - This is a cost per thousand subscribers to the ezine. If the ezine has 'double opt-in' subscribers the cost can be more.




Cost Per Click (CPC) - This is a cost you pay for every person who visits your website from the ad. This is usually measured by some tracking system the ezine owner provides or suggests so they can ensure they are paid properly.




Cost Per Action (CPA) - This is a price you pay only when a person takes the action you desire. For example, you want people to visit your web site and fill out a survey. If they visit and fill out the survey, you pay. If they visit and don't fill out the survey, you don't pay. Very few publishers sell CPA space anymore, preferring to do a Joint Venture instead if they feel the product fits their audience.




Cost Per Sale (CPS) - This is a price you pay only when someone purchases your product or service. This type of ad can be sold on a straight percentage basis or on a small fee combined with a percentage basis.


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