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Do This And Gain Unlimited Downlines / Traffic / Hits / Leads For Your Business For Free

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Will You Like To :


         Improve Your Business Fast For Free


         Attract More Customers For Free


         Gain Unlimited Downlines / Referrals For Free


         Make More Sales


         Attract Thousands Of :









To Your Business Everyday For Free ?


Do These & Gain Unlimited

Downlines / Customers / Leads / Hits / Traffic For Free


i. Compose a post about your business with following key points :


A. What is the business / What is it about


B. List its Benefits


C. Explain how to qualify for the Benefits


If qualifying for the benefits requires recruiting downlines and Filling up Stages and Levels, you have to state the number of downlines needed for each Stage and Level.


D. State How to Grow Fast


If the business requires downlines / referrals, you need to explain how a new member can get the downlines. Lot of people hates businesses that requires downlines because they don’t know how to recruit. But if you are able to give them full details on how they can easily recruit the downlines they need to grow, they will gladly join you.


You can state Websites


You can state Platforms


Where they can advertise and get the downlines they need to grow fast. You must do some research on this. Make sure what you come up with, works. It will be an added bonus if they are free to use.


E. State the Benefits for joining through You.


You need to state what people will get if they choose you as their Sponsor / Upline.


You Can Promise :


To pay part of the Sign Up Fee


To pay them back part of the Joining Fee


To give them certain number of Downlines / Referrals


To give them Access to Advertising Tools and Resources that will help them grow faster. There are lot of them out there that you can use for free.


F. State How to Join You / Register / Become a Member


You need to explain how people can join you / register. You have to give full details how to fully become a member.


If payments are to be made for the membership, you need to state how much, available payment method and how to get it done.


Doing this will help you avoid people joining the business and then fail to become a full member because they don’t know what to do next.


G. Ask Them To Get In Touch With You In Order To Get Full Support From You After Their Registration


      You should ask everyone that join your business to get in touch with you in order to receive full support that will help them grow their business. Allow them to ask you questions on how they can start getting their own downlines. Give them full support on what to use for their advertising. Allow them to always ask for support every time they need it. Make getting in touch with you a lot easier for them.


More Importantly,

       You should consider setting up a blog for your business. You can have the post about your business posted on it and start attracting people to it. Having a blog will allow those joining you to easily reach you every time they want to. It will also allow you to update everyone following you.


By having a blog, you will be making convincing people a lot easier for your downlines / referrals because they will be able to point anyone they are trying to convince to your blog for full details.


      By having a Blog, you will be able to post on it the proves of benefits especially earnings you have made from the business which will add more credibility to the business. You can as well allow your downlines / referrals to post their own proves on the blog.


You can have a Live Chat Feature on the blog to allow you chat live with visitors and followers of your blog.


     It is a good move to have a blog for your business and then drive all your adverts to it. You will be able to monitor the traffic / visits / hits it is getting. You will be able to know which of your adverts is getting you the most visits and what you need to do to improve.


Your advert message should be short and then direct people to your blog for full details. Long messages in your advert will not get you the result you need for your adverts. Don’t rely on one Advert Message, you need to be coming up with different ones. From monitoring the traffic / hits / visits on the blog, you will be able to know which advert message works best.


     If you do all these, you will surely see lot of people joining your business everyday because they will see you as someone they can rely upon for support to grow fast in the business.


If you will love to have all these done for your business but needs someone to support you all through especially on :


Getting the Best Website / Platforms that can be used for Adverts


Getting Access To Advertising Tools & Resources that can be used for Adverts


Setting Up a Blog for Your Business


Do ask for Support from Me.

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