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Does Publisher Location Matter?

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Generally speaking, the location of a publisher does not matter very much unless you need to geo-target. The nature of the Internet is that anyone in the world can subscribe to almost any list as long as they can access the website and sign up. My own ezine has readers from all across the globe.




What is geo-targeting?




Geo-targeting is simply the process of placing your ad before an audience of people who live in a specific location. That location can be as small as a neighborhood, as large as a country, or anywhere in between.




Most publishers work hard to build a list from any traffic they can get without regard to the geographic location of the subscriber. So most publishers will not be able to geo-target.




But there are exceptions and you need to know about them.




Three ways to geo-target using ezines




First - there are a few ezine publishers who specifically try to build a list by location. This is rare becuse it's so hard for the publisher to control who visits their site and subscribes. But it does happen occassionally.




Second - there are some location-specific ezines available. Such an ezine might be about living in San Francisco. The high likeliehood is that only people who live in San Francisco, or those considering a move or visit to San Francisco, would read such an ezine. So it's logical to believe that ads in such an ezine would reach an audience who lives in, or visits, that city.




Third - larger publishers (such as ArcaMax or NewsMax) can geo-target by the IP address of the subscriber when he or she subscribed to the ezine.




This has proven effective in many cases. Geo-targeteing usually involves a slightly higher fee, or a one-time charge for processing, but is well worth it if you are promoting a location-specific event or product.




So the bottom line for me is this ....




If I am promoting a product that anyone can use anywhere (like a digital product or most Clickbank products) then I would not be concerned about where the subscribers are located.

If I am promoting a product that is location or language specific (an event in Houston or an English-language course) then I would choose to work with publishers who can help me reach that speciifc audience


I hope this helps you target your audience more tightly, which should lead to better response and more sales.


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