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It is a Social Network mainly for Business


Connect with opportunity seekers all over the world without limit


Opportunity to Build an automated army of followers


Send a private message to all your followers and introduce your business to them without limit


Post your Business Adverts on your wall unlimited times and will be shown to all Members for free


Add your business and their links in your Profile and receive thousands of interested visitors every day for free


Submit your Business Adverts and they will be displayed to all members & Visitors


Opportunity to make extra money online ( for free ) from the Platform by being an active member. You will get paid for all your activities on it.


You will also make more money if you are able to attract friends and family. You will get paid for all their activities as well and more money if they upgrade their membership.


Join Here - CashJuice

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I'm am member over there and it is all about building a funnel mostly using the owners programs it seems.


I have 1 or 2 actual friends on there, but I met them on other programs.


I am not sure how I feel about the program. It isn't bad, but it isn't really "the Cats meow" either.  It really isn't much for free members like me and I am not about to upgrade there until I upgrade a whole lot of other programs.


All I can say is that I am glad I am Jaded enough that I join a site and hangout using it for a few months before I make any decisions.

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Hi, I am with Cash Juice - Online Marketing Social Platform since 20 November 2019.  :wub:


It can be for anyone who just started with affiliate marketing and wants to pick up on some good tips or a seasoned marketer who is just there to promote Darren Merrett's product to more people. He is the founder of Traffic Adbar which itself is just doing okay. 


The good thing I mentioned earlier is that Cash Juice does offer an assortment of training and videos for you to get started. The community itself also seems to be supportive offering tips and advice on good landing pages and over internet marketing.


It is a really good concept as everyone needs help in the affiliate marketing world. We all need advice and pointers on what to do and what niche to pick out. Cash Juice does just that. Though if you want to go lifetime plan $29.50 it is up to you as the tools and other stuff it provides less than what I used. Most importantly, you still need hard work and dedication in order to make a program a successful creation.

Tom Oswald's LinkTree

Connect with us at Ca$hJuice


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