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In less than the time it takes to watch a bad Movie... you'll discover a Believable Path 

to you CA$HFLOWING the world's largest financial market. 

In this training we'll introduce you to our Proprietary "Primer Strategy." 

While past performance is no indicator of future results and we can never guarantee trading performance.

Our system employs a team of very skilled traders that have shown the ability 

to double trading accounts in as little as 3 months or even less. 

Past performance is no indicator of future results.

Our Proprietary "Primer Strategy" is designed to assist you in quickly getting out of risk and in a position for you 

to potentially take periodic withdrawals. In time we hope these periodic withdrawals will be a source of Monthly CA$HFLOW!

Our system leverages a 100%, Fully Automated Trading Platform

with "Primer Strategy" (Bankers secret) never done before, manned by Real Professional Traders.

=> You'll Never have to look at charts or learn how to trade

=> Through our 100% FREE TRAINING PORTAL, get as Much or as Little Training as You would like 

before setting up Your Trading Account(s). We want you to "Understand It As You Undertake It."

=> Inside The Portal, Follow REAL MONEY Trading Accounts. 

Follow along for as little or as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable funding your own account.

=> Your trading will be in YOUR OWN Brokerage ACCOUNT(S) in YOUR OWN NAME. 

No sending your hard earned assets to some shady third party and hoping they will pay 

you a certain % per day, week or month.... only to see them vanish like thieves in the middle of the night.

So No More CRAPPY 1% a day or 2% a day systems that inevitably steal your money 

and that of any referrals you may have sent them. Your name will not be tarnished with our system!

=> You will have full transparency as you will see EVERY TRADE.... Winners and Losers!

Strong Risk Management to help prevent Catastrophic Losses

=> Simple and Easy withdrawal process

=> Optionally Participate In A HUSH/HUSH (SHHHH) Referral Income Stream (Bankers secret). 

The Set-Up Of This Income Stream Is Absolutely FREE!


Watch The Webinar & Register For Your Free Portal


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Newsletter: :D

Good Day Family,

This is our weekend update. A lot of
info so take the time to read the entire post.


Now that's more like it!

We had an awesome trading week, particularly
with Shamu.

This week we really saw the impact of the
3 trader strategy as Team Shamu was up
a whopping 20.3% for the week.

The beautiful part is there was very little
intra-trade or inter-trade drawdown.

As a matter of fact, Team Shamu spent
most of the week in positive Equity.

What does that mean?

That means that most of the week, while
still in trades, the net effect of the trades
we were in were in the positive.

In the market you have your Closed
Balance and then you have your Equity.

Your Closed Balance is your balance based
on trades having been closed out (positive or negative).

Your Equity is the accounts current value when
all open trades are taken into consideration.

Very often, the Equity will be lower than the balance.

However, most of this week, the Equity amount in
Shamu was greater than the Closed Balance.

As trading ended for the week, the Equity is just
a tad under the Closed Balance for both the
Team Shamu and Team Gator accounts.

The point is, Team Shamu was up over 20% and
they kept intra-trade drawdowns to a minimum.

Our only real inter-trade drawdown happened on
Monday as they closed some trades for a 2.9% loss.

But they quickly made up those losses and again
ended the week up 20.3%.


Team Gator started off the week a little rocky.
TG was still in some trades from the Flash Crash
and then in some Great British Pound trades.

Due to the Brexit vote on Tuesday, they closed
those positions prior to the vote to prevent any
further downside movement. So we saw a
-15.39% inter-trade drawdown. NOT FUN!

But after that inter-trade drawdown, boy did they
hit their stride.

They ended the week down ever so slightly at
-1.7%. So they got most of the inter-trade drawdown


So let's just talk a little about Team Shamu & Gator

Both accounts are now employing the 3 Trader Strategy.

With Team Shamu, for instance, one of the traders has
grown his account by 4800% (48X his money) since
August 2018 without a blow out.

Team Shamu also added a scalp trader who targets
80% - 100% monthly returns at his risk.

Scalping is a trading technique where you are just
looking for tiny profits per trade. The idea is to get
in to get out with bite sized profits.

Team Gator also added a scalp trader. This particular
scalp trader is up over 8,000% (80X their money)
in less than four months. Now obviously, we are
not trading at 1:1 risk, so we wouldn't be up 8,000%.

But trading at 17% risk, we'd still be up BIG TIME.
You do the math.

The third trader that was added has averaged over
66% per month over the last four months. The average
trade with them lasts for about 6 hours.

So both the Shamu and Gator accounts are firing
on all cylinders.

Monday is a US Bank Holiday as the US and the world
should celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

So we'll likely see a slower start of the week. But then
we should see a pick up from Tuesday on.


News Regarding The New Broker From
Earlier This Week

Just wanted to provide a quick
update about where we stand
with our newest broker.

These folks want our business!

I spent time on a webcast with
them on last Friday and then again on
Monday as they are making a lot
of customizations for us.

We are NOT doing away with
any existing relationships.

However, we definitely want to
massage the newest relationship
once they are introduced.

Due to the level of customizations
and how robust their system is from
the back end, we are still testing and
getting to know their system.

The plan was for us to test all of this
week and then to meet back up
with them on next week with any
of our questions to ensure that
everything is ready before going live.

Then once we have done all of that,
we'll cut the walk through videos and
begin the roll out.

Remember, you'll want to pay close
attention so you can get registered as
a partner in the event that any of your
current following starts trading with them.

We never want anyone missing their referral

They typically require a 1K minimum to
fund an account. We have negotiated that
down to 300 per account.


What About The Beta 2 Promotion? This
has some new information not discussed earlier
this week.

The Beta 2 Promotion is coming to an end with
LQD. While we love the LQD platform, they
have been very rigid and that rigidness is not
going to allow us to have the first two Millionaire
Accounts to be free from performance fees.

So the Beta 2 Promotion will last with LQD only
through the end of this month.

Starting in February, any folks that are not Beta 2
that want to trade with LQD will be able to do so,
but there will be a 30% performance fee.

Now, we are going to extend the Beta 2 Promotion
for those that will start and fund an account with
the new broker that we'll be launching soon.

If you are Beta 2 with LQD... then you are Beta 2, PERIOD!

That means, if/when you choose to fund with the new broker,
your Team Shamu and Team Gator Primer Accounts will be
FREE from performance fees for LIFE.

Further, when we launch the Team Shamu and Team Gator
Millionaire Accounts later this year, those accounts will
also be FREE of performance fees.... BUT....

The Millionaire Accounts will only be free from performance
fees with the new broker.


The new broker has agreed to our terms that allow for a kick
back to the traders without the same pre-conditions that LQD
has set forth.

This is gives us far more flexibility in dealing with the traders.

So.... if you have folks that have not set up and funded their
LQD accounts, they and you can still qualify for Team Shamu
and Team Gator performance fee free accounts with the
new broker.

Given that it has taken a little longer to get them set up, we are
going to extend the Beta 2 promotion through the end of March
but only for the new broker. Do not expect any further

This will allow everyone time and also allow our promoters
more time to get as many account holders as possible.

Remember, we anticipate going completely Private by the
end of 2019.

From a promotional standpoint, you want to get as many
account holders in your network as possible before that time.

For our promoters, make sure you watch the 2018 End
of Year / 2019 First Of Year Round Up posted in your

This is found under Video Updates and then under
the titling above. Watch the second video and you'll
see exactly where to go to better understand the huge
opportunity that awaits you with the new broker.


Upcoming Live Webinars

Due to scheduling issues, we won't be doing a lot
of live webinars in 2019.

However, I do want to do a couple of live webinars
in the next few weeks.

1. We want to have a FAQ webinar. I am going
to wait until the new broker is ready to go as I am
sure a lot of questions will relate to the new broker.

When we plan that webinar, we will have you to
send in questions so we can address as many questions
in that FAQ webinar as possible.

2. The second webinar we are going to have will be
a Promotional Webinar. I want you to be empowered
to share the message to begin building an additional
income stream. Again, I want to wait until the new
broker is up and running.

Here is a testimony from one of our folks. She is
beyond giddy because she is already starting to see
trading commissions even though she has only referred
a couple of clients. Thanks, Gwenda, for the testimony.

Good morning,

Guess what? On Monday morning, 1/7/19, my referral commission
was $7.10. Today, 1/17/19, which less than 8 full business days later
(it's still morning), my commission is at $116.15. And this is just
based on a total of only two referrals who have a combined deposit of $2500.

I've got one guy who is a large leader coming in at $2000, but he is
waiting until the new broker is set up. He has a huge following and is
pretty excited. He asked me to join his company, and I told him I'm
done with Network Marketing and that I have something where I have
to talk to NO ONE, have to recruit NO ONE and I still make money.

He was curious, so I sent him my link. He and his wife sat down that
night and watched the 1 hour and 23-minute video. They were convinced
immediately and decided to become a part of it!

- Gwenda C.


Now think this through.... Most of what Gwenda made in commissions,
she made this week with just two clients. She will likely
generate at least 200 mo, if not more, from just these two clients.
And that 200 figure is probably very conservative.

What is the potential for her and YOU if our traders continue
to perform like they did this week?

Let's get you... Joe Average...

Let's get you... Sue Average to making:

1. A couple of hundred dollars a month then....

2. A mortgage / rent payment, then....

3. Replacing an income

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to
do 1, 2 and 3 in 2019!

And for my bigger promoters....

There is no reason you shouldn't be at multiple
5 figures per month before we go Private!

And remember this...

When your account holders' accounts are growing,
your commissions will also grow.

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Newsletter: :D


Good Day Family,  


Trust you had a great week.  We'll

cover quite a bit of information so

make sure you read the entire post.




This Week's Trading


We remarked in our mid week report

that both accounts, Shamu and Gator,

were up over double digits.


Both accounts extended their gains.


I am making this post a little bit before

the market is closing for the weekend.


As of this post, Shamu is up 20.4% for 

the week.  This is coming off of a 20.3%

return on last week.  That's BIG STUFF!


Last week, Gator was down slightly at

1.7%.  This week Gator joined the 

double digit club with a return of 16.9%





Through Wednesday, both accounts had little

intra-trade drawdowns.  If you are new to us,

we have trainings on drawdowns under the 

Forex Basics section.


During the day on Thursday, both accounts

experienced intra-trade drawdowns.


This is an inevitable part of trading such a

highly volatile market.


The intra-trade drawdown gap significantly

closed Thursday night into early Friday morning.


However, we saw the intra-trade drawdown

widen again throughout the day on Friday.


The market tends to trade in a range over 

80% of the time.


To give you a stock market example, a range

is when a stock goes from $8 to $10 back down

to $8 back up to $10 and so on.


Currencies trade in ranges most of the time.  The

ranges are just larger.


For instance, in the Shamu account we are in 

several AUD/NZD trades.  That is the 

Australian Dollar trading against the New Zealand Dollar.


The trader trading this pair recently had a month

where he was up over 1,000% for the month.


Yes, you read that right.... CRAZY!


Now obviously we are not trading him at 1:1 risk.


With this currency he is employing an averaging strategy.

This is why there are so many trades on this one



The idea is positions opened at the lower price levels

will help to offset the positions purchased at higher

levels as the market moves in our direction.


In the stock market, if you had a $10 stock and it went

down to $8 and you bought more at $8, your average

cost would be $9 per share.


The stock would be at break-even when it hits 

$9.  It would be in profit with anything above the $9.


So even if it never got back to the original price of 

$10, profits could be made because of averaging.


The AUD/NZD recently hit an important support (low) 

and is beginning to show signs of bouncing up.  We 

are in the Buy so we want to see it go up.


The last time this pair was at this area of support

was the first week in January.  In just a few days

time, it bounced hard off support.  


While past performance is no indicator of future results,

we look to have a repeat of that type of price action.


So both accounts are currently in intra-trade drawdown.


But, we saw this on Thursday and within a few hours,

many positions that were underwater closed out profitably.


As previously mentioned, the intra-trade drawdown

widened with today's trading.  But the drawdowns

are well within reason.





Lowering Risk Next Week



Typically if we are in an intra-trade drawdown we'll

see trading slow until positions are peeled off.


We would expect that as we look to start the next

trading week.


Most of the trades we'll see to start the week will

likely be trade adjustments to scale out of the existing



Assuming the intra-trade drawdown narrows considerably,

we'll see the risk settings of the account lowered for 

a little while.  





Huge Trading Commissions This Week


Due to number and size of trades this week, our promoters

earned huge trading commissions this week.


I am attaching a screenshot that one of our promoters

sent in.


Brett has referred one clients so far.

That client funded with $525. But Brett has already 

made of $77 in commissions.

Where does this figure come from?  We anticipate promoters

will earn roughly $75 - $100 for every $1,000 that is trading

under their partner link.


We have and are continuing to develop this system with 

Joe and Susie Average in mind.


See the screenshot:






New Broker Update



I know this sounds like a broken record but we are

getting close to rolling out the new broker.


Our existing broker relationship will not change.


However, the new broker will become our primary



They are bending over backwards to earn our business.


Here are just a few things they are modifying just 

for our audience:



1. They typically require clients to fund with a minimum

of $1,000 per account.  Our folks will be able to fund

with as little as $300 per account.


2.  From a promotional standpoint, they require that 

one has 3 personally referred clients in order to 

earn trading commissions.


For our folks, this requirement has completely been

done away with.  Thank Gwenda Clark for that.

She was persistent in wanting that requirement to 

go away.


3.  Their typical partner payout is a one tier

structure.  We knew we would have at least

3 tiers.  However, today we got the confirmation

that we'll be able to have 4 Tiers.


This means you will earn trading commissions from

your clients' trading activity... and then their clients'

trading activity (tier 2)... and then their clients' trading

activity (tier 3) and then their clients' trading activity

(tier 4)


Our current broker pays 2 tiers.  Our new broker will

pay 4.  






Beta 2 Promotion



The Beta 2 Promotion is where qualified Beta 2

Members will have the first two Primer Accounts

free from any performance fees.


To qualify you need to register and fund at least

one account during the qualification period.


With our current broker, this promotion will

end on January 31.


Thereafter, anyone seeking to initiate a trading

account with the current broker will have a 

30% performance fee. 


This fee is only paid IF the traders are profitable

month over month.


You are not billed, the broker just transfers the

fee from the account holder to the trader's account.


Now, once the NEW broker is online, we'll extend

the Beta 2 promotion for anyone that funds at 

least one account with the new broker.


If you are Beta 2 with the current broker...





The Beta 2 Promotion for the new broker will

run through March 31, 2019.


This will give everyone time to get some

performance and then share it with whomever

you want to impact.


Remember, we will ultimately go completely

PRIVATE later this year.  So you want to 

introduce as many clients as possible before

the referral window closes.


Later in the year when we launch the 

Millionaire Accounts, Beta 2 members will

have their first two Millionaire Accounts

traded with no performance fee, as well.


The one caveat is the performance fee free

accounts will only be with the new broker as

they have met our desired specifications.


For those that are waiting on the new broker

to fund your account(s)..... they're coming soon!


We do know that one of the existing traders will

only be trading in the new broker account once

they are released.




While we love our current broker, they have 

not given the requisite kickback to the traders that

would offset the traders not charging a performance



If they don't charge a performance fee, then they

have to get a kickback from somewhere as they 

are not in the charity business.


The new broker is providing that kickback.


So while current funded account holders are not

required to trade with the new broker, it is likely

performance will be more with the new broker

as at least one of the traders will only trade

with the new broker once they are launched.


So from a pure client perspective, there is

an incentive to have an account traded at 

the new broker.


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Last week was our best trading week

ever in terms of closed transactions.


All 5 of our trading accounts were

profitable with the least profitable

one coming in at 3.8% for the week.


We'll take a 3.8% week every week as

that would have us on target to

double accounts in 3 - 6 months.


However, we had three accounts that

scored over 10% for the week.


One hit 10.61% for the week.


Another hit 13.04% for the week


Still another hit a whopping 16.01% for the week.


We did a full reporting that is now available

under your news section and is the first

post on the page.


Take the time to read the entire post to see

WHY we had the results we had this week.


We've added two traders that not only pursue

HyperGrowth but do it with having individual

stop losses on the overwhelming majority

of their trades.


This will greatly, greatly reduce risk while

still allowing us to pursue HyperGrowth.


Go now and read the report.

Register For Your Free Portal

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Good Day Family,


Over the weekend we posted that 

there is a Game Changer coming.


I don't want to come off as sounding



But when you take the time to view

the video post that we'll be making

soon, you'll understand why

this is going to be a Game Changer.


I have just finished cutting and 

editing the video.  It is now



It likely will not be posted before

the market opens.


However, we do plan to have 

it posted late this evening.


Here's why you want to pay attention:


1.  A true "Primer Strategy".  With this

style of trading, we'll ALWAYS be 

out of the market going into the weekend.


2.  We'll take you into the market where

you will see several trades as they were

happening.  Most trades are concluded

in a few seconds - a few minutes.


3.  While past performance is no indicator

of future results, last week our live account

was up over 43%.  Not for the month.. but

for the week.


4.  We're also going to discuss the last

3 weeks of trading.


So keep any eye on your email to alert

you as to when we have made the post.


Talk with you all soon!


Register For Your Free Portal

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