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What is the best Trading Or Bitcoin Mining Company

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I'd say MyPassiveTrades.Personally,i have known the CEO of this company since 2016.This is the most Transparent company you can find online.The Company is known as POLARIS UNIVERSAL LIMITED.A 2 year old registered company in UK.The name of the business is MYPASSIVETRADES-An advertising/Earning Platform.You simply buy an adpack(Advertisement package) for $5.This adpack gives you;100 Banner Ad Credits,100 Text Ad Credits,100 Website credits and 1 Login Ad Credit.You can advertise any other business(s) you're involved in.The cool part is that your adpack(s) are backed by CRYPTOCURRENCY+FOREX trading from the company traders earning you upto 1% Daily profit on your investment capital.Actual proof of trading is available.i.e You can Login to Metatrader using investor username and password and see their trades.Below are the Login Details.


Login: 204224
Investor password: UniBinaryTrade19
Sever_ binary.com
Platform_ Metatrader5. Company: Polaris Universal Ltd


Still,there are 2 telegram channels.One for FOREX and the other for CRYPTO.You can follow live as to which crypto pairs are being bought and sold at any given moment and MIRROR those trading signals if you wish.

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