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Innovation in Crowdfunding

Crypto CrowdFunding Club

An Awesome, simple and risk-free solution to all.

Crypto Crowdfunding Club is an crypto currency based crowdfunding platform with a 3x2 Donation Centers, where the donors also becomes the receiver. The Donation Centers are 3x2 so that each one is easy and fast to filled out of.


Your donations will grow daily, weekly or monthly. Their System is Designed and Created To Help Everyone Earn Online!

Crypto Crowdfunding Club helps make your PASSION, your DREAM, your WISH a reality and with each donation you get to help others do the same. Pay Off Your Home & Get New Things & Pay for your children's college education & Pay off your debt, credit card, bills and judgements & Gain Assets & Travel across the world.

Financial Freedom with Crowdfunding

  • Lucrative Crowdfunding platform that the donators also becomes the receiver.
  • Fully Automated Upgrade & Automated Re-Entry. No Sponsoring or Referring Required!
  • Our smart system allocate donations automatically and fairly by using Donation Centers.
  • With Automated Re-Entry you will get donations over and over again!
  • There is truly no risk, 100% Full Refund with Breakeven Bonus Program.
  • All it takes is a ONETIME $49.90 USD Donation in Bitcoin.
  • Thanks to Bitcoin, there's no more waiting for checks or bank transfers.


When you give, you have the opportunity to receive! Automated & Hands-Free process!

Their Automated Team Rotator Places Paid Members Under You!

With their Breakeven Bonus Program, you will have a $5.00 bonus as Insurance of your donation per Sunday for ten weeks.




With Love from CryptoCoinChick



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