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Traffic Ivy (developed by top digital marketer Cindy Donovan) is a traffic generation SaaS system designed by digital marketers for digital marketers.


Traffic Ivy launches on January 23, 2019 and will be made available on a buy credits basis as well as a monthly subscription system available through the OTO's.


Every smart thinking marketer online who needs quality bot free web traffic and who would love to have their content distributed across blogs and social media assets such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Reddit and Facebook should take advantage of this system.


You're required to login to the dashboard and create your marketing campaign, assign the credits per engagement then submit your ad slash content to hundreds of blogs and social media platforms.


Other members interested in sharing your content towards earning credits would then engage your content and have your content shared to their blogs and profiles.


This is a system great for social trust building, growing engagement on your content, increasing you DA, PA  and Trust Flow of your website and building backlinks that will definitely help your site ranking


There are those among us who will be somewhat hypercritical of such a system as Traffic Ivy that it may pose the risk of having your site(s) posted to low quality blogs and social media profiles so there is no real value to added other than to the benefit of the developers.


Yes, they're right, that risk does exist by knowing Cindy Donovan quite well I would be comforted by the fact that this developer won't allow a value system such as this deteriorate into an ineffective spammy link farm.



There are quality guidelines within the Traffic Ivy system and the quality standards I assure you will be maintained. I know there are digital marketers out there with intentions to spam and mess up every single system they come across but I know Cindy Donovan will be looking out for these desperados. 


One of the biggest plus this system offer is that is quite affordable and really does give a big bang for the buck. It's far more affordable than running Facebook Ads, running Google Ads Campaigns, buying guest posts and far more target oriented that buying useless likes and shares often generated by bots posting your links to useless (dormant) social media accounts.


Read the review posted here and let me know what you think about the program. Please let me know your thoughts on the program and if you feel Traffic Ivy will help or will not help with your marketing strategy 2019 and beyond.




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