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Swap Articles to Get More Subscribers

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An article swap is something like an ad swap, only more powerful. The idea of exchanging, or swapping, ads has been around for years. An ad swap is simply when two (or more) publishers exchange ads in each other's publications.




There are many good reasons to do this; including publishers getting more ads in their respective ezines while their advertisers reach a larger audience. A classic win-win.




In some cases publishers swap ads when ad sales are low so their publications look fuller, which can also lead to increased ad sales.




In much the same way publishers can save time and enhance the value of their publication by swapping articles in addition to, or instead of, ads. Swapping articles can be a huge win-win for publishers and readers too when done well.




The benefits of running a successful article swap are many. The publisher' s writing workload is decreased. Their readers get to hear a fresh voice. Successful article swaps can lead to joint ventures, running solo ads in each other's ezines and more.




If you use your resource box wisely, and readers like your style, you should gain subscribers every time your article is run. In addition, a successful article swap means readers you might not reach otherwise will see your information.




Here are the steps to create a successful article swap, along with some ideas to go deeper and create lasting value for both yourself and the publishers you swap with.




1) Chose your publishers well. While this should be obvious, don't send your articles on duck hunting to publishers of Internet marketing ezines. As with all marketing, the more targeted your approach is the better your results will be.




Use ezine directories or other search tools to find publishers based on the category that best fits your article topic.



POWER TIP: Once you've chosen a publisher, take time to read a couple of issues of their publication. If you can send them an article that reinforces a point they have made to their readers you might just make a friend. If you can't, mention what you admired about their publication in your opening email.




This shows the publisher respect and elevates you out of the group that just email their request using a form letter.




2) Be careful in the opening letter. Let the publisher know your goal is to swap articles, not just have your article published.




Publishers often receive so many article-publishing requests that they filter them for later review. Don't let your request fall into the 'to be read later' pile. Make sure your subject line is clear and to the point. Publishers hate being tricked by a subject that doesn't relate to the actual email message.




POWER TIP: Include the word count and format of your article in your opening letter. (Example: 856 words formatted to 65 characters with hard returns at the end of each line.) This will save publishers time and show them you know your business.




To really impress them, run your article through a spam filter reporting service and let the publisher know your article is clean and won't hinder the delivery of their publication.




3) Use an autoresponder for the article itself. Don't send the article in your article swap request. Set up the article in an autoresponder instead so that publishers can get the article if they want it. This way you will know who is interested by watching the requests to the autoresponder.




Your message will be shorter (some people filter mail based on length of message) and you will appear more professional too.




4) Offer to combine an ad swap with an article swap. Don't make the article swap contingent on swapping ads or it will seem like blackmail.




Do offer to extend the arrangement to include ads, if appropriate for you, in order to save yourself and the other publisher' s time.




Getting both ads and articles in one email means less administrative work for all publishers involved. And that's a good thing.




5) Send publishers a courtesy copy. While it's important to be clear in your communications about when their article will run in your publication, it shows style to send them a courtesy copy. If they offer to subscribe to your ezine, that's great. If not, be sure to send them a copy when their article is published.




For added power, forward a copy of any feedback sent to you after the article runs. These little things are how relationships are formed.




One last tip; after you do a few successful article swaps with a publisher offer them a multi-part series. These series are perfect for when publishers want to go on vacation.


All publishers live under time pressure. If your series can fill their article needs for three weeks while they are gone and save them time too you'll have a winner.




Article swaps are a powerful way to get your information seen by a broader audience, develop new relationships with publishers and more. Best of all, very few people are doing them now so doing this now will make you a trendsetter!




While anyone can spew out a few hundred emails with an offer for an article swap, the more personal and targeted your requests are the more success you will have, plus you will make lasting friendships in the process.




When that happens you will be in a league of your own.



Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
Inrernet Marketing Professional



Waterstraat 59
8730 Beernem

Mobile: +32496292333
Phone: +3250791910
Skype: rudi.vanhaecke



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