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Traffic Forces is a combination of the most profitable and fastest growing internet markets of our time and offers its members more than 8 different income possibilities. With an absolutely unique distribution system that will be a model for a new generation of companies soon.





Unconditioned Income
40% of banner impressions are even paid out on a daily basis to the First 100.000 Members! The only requirement is a complete profile!



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Dear Traffic Forces members ! 

We are very proud to welcome over 3400 members to the start of today's prelaunch. (02/01/19 - 03/30/19) 

Furthermore, thanks to your great support, we have already delivered almost 100,000 guaranteed clicks. 

We are proud of every single member and look forward to becoming one of the largest and most successful platforms on the Internet in the upcoming months and years. 

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Dear Traffic Forces members! 


Thank you for your patience, successfully Aquired Skrill as a long term payment processor. 

Two little changes were necessary for future collaboration with them. 

Skrill and many other payment processors don't allow commission structures on more than one Level. As a result of that, we removed the unilevel plan, and in exchange boosted the collaboration plan. 

The collaboration plan was also expanded. 

Now you can not only earn from license sales, but additionally it is possible to earn from your own product sales (PPC Ads, Banner Ads…) through a special algorithm, as well as those of the company and the sponsor. 


Simply put, it is now possible to earn a percentage of all Traffic Forces’ future product sales, even without having to refer, or sell anything yourself. 


The normal product provisions have also been changes to 1 level. This naturally results in accordingly higher direct commissions. 

Through that, direct commissions of up to 60% are possible for license partners. 

Additionally free members will now receive an 8$ commission, when their partners make an upgrade. 


All new commissions have already been updated on the site. 


Payouts were also Set down to 10$   

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Dear members! 


We have successfully completed the pre-launch phase and are proud to already have over 12,000 members on board. 


The preparations for our next innovations are in full swing. 


In the coming months you can look forward to some new improvements, tools and products. 


First of all, landing pages, free coupons for giving away advertising to generate new partners and an email follow-up will come. 

We will also make some internal sales-promoting optimizations. 

For example, after redeeming a coupon, your prospective customers will be shown further promotions or discounts. 


Our partner encores .io unfortunately has a few delays. 

In the meantime however, we have already gained a bit more detailed insights into this project and are more than enthusiastic about it. 


Our lawyers are currently clarifying in which countries our members are allowed to receive this token and in which countries it is forbidden for us to give the token away as it is a security token. 


We will continue to communicate the ongoing improvements via the news in the dashboard. 


We have also already been able to enter into a number of cooperations with other companies that will book PPC advertising permanently with us in the future so that we can look forward to much more advertising for our hard-working clickers in the middle of this year. 


We wish you continued success! 


Your Traffic Forces Team   

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New Signup Bonus for new members!  


All of your new members receives $10 bonus credit as a welcome gift until May 10, 2019. So your future business partners can test our advertising platform completely free of charge! 


Benefit from this temporary offer and give away $10 advertising credit! 


Good luck, 

your Traffic Forces Team   

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