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A Plan That Will Help All Your Downlines And Also Help You Attract & Convince Hundred More Everyday

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Here Is A Plan That Will Help

All Your

Downlines & Also Help You

Attract & Convince

Hundred More Everyday


You got introduced ( and joined ) an Online Money Making Platform where it is necessary or advisable to bring in new members ( using your inviting link ) in order to be able to receive or make a lot of money from it.


      It may be possible to make money or get paid without inviting new member but you won't be able to be among the Top Earners. You won't be able to make a lot of money ( Thousands, Millions of it ) from the Platform.


Even those making money from Pure Investment Platforms need to try their best and get new members invited so that they can receive a percentage of the money the new members invested. They add the commission to the profit they are making from their investments.


     This is the way they boost their income. They don't just rely on the profit from their investment. Doing that will not make them a lot of money. The maximum Profit they can get from their investment ( On a genuine Investment Platform ) at a time is 100%. That is 2X of the amount they invest and this will take a whole lot of time, maybe Six Months, a Year etc.


Those inviting new members can get their Investment Profit increased to 100% within a shorter time.


  It pays a lot to always invite new members to whichever Online Money Making Platform you join even if it is necessary to get paid. This will boost your income fast.



Why People Are Not Attracted To Your Business


           The platform you are making money from maybe having one of the best ( if not the best ) Compensation Plan or Membership Benefits but you must have a plan that will get people attracted and convinced to join you on it. Your advert may attract people but fail to convince them.



Here Is Why


      People will see your adverts, check the Platform Website and fall in love with the benefits but believe me, a lot of them will refuse to sign up because they know it is necessary for them to recruit downlines ( which they may see as a really difficult task or job to do ) in order to make money ( fast ) from it. You may promise to help them do the recruiting but the truth is, you cannot serve them all. You can't serve all your downlines. They need to also help themselves.


       These people may already join Platforms like yours before and made nothing from them because they failed to recruit new members ( Their Sponsor may have promised to help them do that but fail ).


A lot of people trying to make money online nowadays have had this experience. You must have something special to get them to spend their money to join your business.


     Some of them must have joined the ones they made nothing from, with the hope of just signing up and then qualify for the benefits, which is far from the truth. The person that brought them in may have deceived them by making them sign up and be expecting the benefits.


You need to do something special that will convince these people and assure them, they will really, I mean, really make money from your own business.




What You Should Do

 Set Up a Blog That Promotes


 Free Advertising Platform's Offers.


All businesses need to be advertised to be a success.


Advertising is needed for people to know a business exists.


Any business you are involved in, you need to advertise it especially if you want to bring in new members in order to qualify for commissions set for inviting them.


Search online for Advertising Platforms that gives or welcome members with Free Advertising Offers and post these offers on the blog you will set up.



Type Of Free Advertising Offer To Promote


The free advertising offers that should be on the blog are ones from :




Solo & Mailers


Traffic Exchanges



Classified Ad Sites


Discussion Board or Forums


Social Media Sites ( Especially ones set up for Business ).



Example of Such Offers Is :


                      ( This is from FreeAdvertisingForYou )


          5 Solo Ads To All Members Email


          150,000 Credits


          2 Full Page Ads


          4 Text Ads ( 20,000 Views Total )


          3 468x60 Banners ( 15,000 Views Total )


          3 125x125 Banners ( 15,000 Views Total )


          3 Featured Ads With Text ( 7,500 Views Total ).



Another One :


          3,000 Advertising Credits


          3,000 Views / Visits


          7,000 Advertising Credits


          7,000 Views / Visits


          Solo Blast To All Members


          1,500 Visits From BlastMyAds


          10,000 Advertising Credits On ViralTeCoop


          50,000 Advertising Credits On ViralBannerAdCoop


          20 Text Ad Blasts On ViralTextAdCoop


          50,000 Banner Impression On PromoCode Plus.


There are a lot of Advertising Platforms online offering these kinds of Free Advertising Offers as a bonus to their members.


They are the sign-up bonus. People just need to sign up and get them. Search for them and get them on your blog.




How This Will Help

Your Downlines & Your Business


Your downlines need to get their own downlines to grow in the business and qualify for the benefits in the business. The only way to attract the downlines they need is to advertise.


You may already meet some people online who must have let you know that they don't know how to advertise and get downlines. There are a lot of people like them. They really love to participate in Online Businesses but their inability to advertise will stop them.


Your Free Advertising Offers blog will serve as a resources portal to help those you are trying to attract to your business. It will be the place to get all they need to get the downlines they need for their account.


What they will need to do is use the Free Advertising Offers posted on the blog. They will go to the Platforms offering them, sign up and then start using the offers.


Their signing up through your blog means they will also be your downlines on those Advertising Platforms. You will get more Credits and another bonus for them. If any of the downlines choose to upgrade on any of the platforms, you will receive part of the money they pay as commission. This is more income for you.


Paid advertising is not what everyone advertising their businesses online today are using. Most people are using free advertising offers. Your blog will really help a lot of people especially your downlines and your self.


You will be able to personally use the Free Offers you are posting on your blog to attract more people to your business. If you are able to get Fifty ( 50 ) Free Advertising Offers on your blog, use them all to also advertise your business. Use the Offers. No advertising is too much. The more you advertise, the more your chance of success.



Remember :


      The blog will also help you increase your income online. It will give you the chance to get more money from the Platforms giving the Offers.


Post Your Business On The Blog


You should post your business on the blog. Create a page for it. Explain what your business is all about, state the benefits and explains how people can grow in it.



Explain Your Business Using These As Topics

i. What The Business Is All About

ii. It's Benefits

iii. How To Qualify For The Benefits

iV. Number Of Downlines Needed

V. How And Where To Get The Downlines ( This is where you will give details about your blog and the Advertising Offers on it. This and Your Business Benefits is what will convince them to join Your Business )


        Let people know you have the resources they can use to grow in the business. The platforms they can use to attract all the downlines they will need to qualify for all the benefits in the business are on your Blog. Direct them to the Free Advertising Offers post.


By doing this, you will be solving the problem they may be having when it comes to recruiting downlines. This will attract and automatically convince them to join your business.


They will love your business Benefits and will be ready to join to get the benefits using the Advertising Resources you already provided on your Blog.



You Must Also Do This


Add Your Business to each Free Advertising Offers post on your Blog. Add the business at the bottom of their posts.


     Advice People to use the Free Advertising Offer on the post to make more money online from your Business. Let them know they will be able to easily qualify for all the benefits in your business if they use the Free Advertising Offer.


A Lot of the Visitors will be opened to more income opportunities as long as your business is genuine and having a good compensation plan or benefits.


  Get a link that will direct them to Your Business Page where they will get full details.


Doing this will help get more people ( especially those who are visiting Your Blog just to check out the Free Advertising Offers ) attracted and convinced to join Your Business.



How To Get Hits / Visitors For The Blog


What you need to do to start getting visitors for the blog is simple.


       Use the same advertising offers to attract people to the blog. When you attract a member of Platform A, they will be able to know Platform B, C, D and so on exist. They will surely use them to also increase their advertising online. No amount of Advertising is too much.


A lot of people out there will jump at the offer of Free Advertising.


Your Free Advertising Offers Blog will surely have a lot of people checking it every day. In fact, the blog will start getting visitors without waiting for days, weeks, months because most of the people that will come across the blog will want to check the blog out to take advantage of the offers.


Your Offers are Free, People Loves Free Things.


There are some people out there looking for ways to generate traffic, hits for their blogs, websites, businesses. There are posts on forums from these kinds of people. Your blog will be the solution to their problem.


       Your blog will never stop getting visitors as long as it stays online. New visitors will surely come back to take advantage of more free offers. They will refer people to your blog too especially those making money from Network Marketing Platforms. They will refer their downlines to your blog in order to help them build their own downlines.



Use The Blog To Build Your Own List


        Another advantage of having this kind of blog is that it can be used to build one's own list fast.

Your blog is about Advertising, people need it and you are offering free advertising to them. They will love this and will be ready to know of any new updates or offers.


       Ask your visitors to subscribe for your updates. Let them know you will alert them the moment there is new Free Advertising Offers on your blog.


Turn some of your visitors to a List and use the list to improve your business. Some of your subscribers will be opened to more income opportunities, take advantage.



More Money For You From The Advertising Offers


You will make money from the advertising offers by urging people to also consider the upgraded membership on the Advertising Platforms.


         Show them the benefits they will enjoy if they upgrade their account. If they upgrade, you will receive a percentage of the upgraded fee. You will also receive a commission if your blog visitors pay for any of the extra Advertising services or offers on the Advertising Platforms.


This is how you will make money from them. A lot of people will get their account upgraded because they will want to go for full Advertising offers. This is a huge source of income.


         It is important you consider having the blog set up. You will be helping yourself and all those you introduced to your business.


A lot of people are reluctant to join Network Marketing Platforms because they don't know how and where to advertise and build the business. Your blog will be the solution to their problem. You will get a lot of people convinced if you already solved the problem of downlines recruiting.



Setting Up The Blog


          You should use Wordpress for the blog


          Get a Top Domain Name Registered for it


          Get a Good Hosting Server For The Blog.

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Let me just add something here.  If you are using safelists and listbuilders a good way to get your emails open is to promote "advertising" as well.  If you have a blog full of ads with


your bizopp on the blog there ya go.  That's a little extra info from back in the day since I'm also late to the party.  4 years late wow






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