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What is Diversity-Fund Club?

A few years ago we’ve started to discover the various investment options available on the Internet. We’ve tried numerous HYIP, revshare and other hybrid programs and always hoped they won’t shut down ahead of time. Unfortunately our experience was rather disappointing, the vast majority of these sites didn’t last too long and sooner or later closed down. In most cases they suffered from different kinds of financial trouble, there was even a case when the system was hit by a cyber attack and couldn't resume business afterwards.

The most secure solution seemed to be diversification, splitting our capital into 10-15 different investment programs. This way we could mitigate the risk since we deployed only a portion of our money in each system instead of risking all at one place. That method worked for us!

We’ve had enough of the unreliability and constant uncertainty! We wanted a stable, reliable source of income that gives the opportunity also to others to earn a healthy passive revenue without being concerned about their money.

This was our mission in creating this website where your profit is generated from a diversified portfolio of at least 15 different investment programs. You don’t buy a pig in a poke. Our website is constantly updated to show you the current portfolio, all the programs that we use to eliminate your investment risks. Our goal is a solution that stands the test of time and provides you a stable, reliable one stop shop for your investment needs. This is the Diversity-Fund Club.



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