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The Essence of Ezine Success

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Since the Directory of Ezines began in 1998 we've seen thousands of ezines come and go. Some that we thought would succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams lasted only a few months. Some that started modestly are still going today with membership numbers that are staggering.




I've been asked more times than I can count "What makes a successful ezine?" While I don't pretend to have all the answers, if you were my brother or sister this is what I would tell you...




--Give something of value.--


Your reader is giving you the most precious commodity known to mankind... time. Reward them by giving them something of value. Don't just give them a sales pitch, give them information. Meaningful information. Useful information. Real information.




As a publisher of ezines myself, I use this as my standard... "Can my reader USE this information to make his or her life better today?" If the answer is no, it doesn't go in my newsletter.




--Help them achieve their goals.--


As a publisher my goal is to know as many readers as possible. With list sizes running into the hundreds of thousands, that sounds silly doesn't it? But it's not silly.




Your readers subscribe to your newsletter because they have a need. They believe you can fill that need. Don't disappoint. Get to KNOW your readers and what they need. The more you help them achieve their goals the faster you will achieve yours.




Make your ezine a place they can advertise and get results. Give them recommendations to products and services they need. Of course you'll make money. But money will be the by- product, not the main goal. When that happens, your recommendations will be credible... and get acted on.



--Be easy to read--


By all means, be easy to read. Don't make them struggle to read your ezine. If you use HTML don't drown out your message with the graphics. Spinning bunnies are nice, but powerful words change peoples' lives. Format your message so that anyone, with any email program, can read it. Keep your sentences short and sweet. Get to the point and let your reader get on with his or her day.




While it's true that the Internet will produce the new 'gadget of the week' that will promise you the moon and only cost $47, the fact is that those who focus on these three basic principles are the ones who have succeeded. My bet is that they will be the ones who continue to succeed as well.




Rudi Vanhaecke
Bronze Team Leader SFI
Inrernet Marketing Professional



Waterstraat 59
8730 Beernem

Mobile: +32496292333
Phone: +3250791910
Skype: rudi.vanhaecke



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