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The Power of Thinking Small . . . Is Bigger Always Better?

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Internet marketers seem to want everything to be big. The biggest list. The most traffic. The highest number of "hits". Now realize that I'm from Texas and we admire big. In fact, we're famous for it. ;) But is bigger always better? That depends. When it comes to ezine advertising, it works both ways. It's perfectly logical to go for the big numbers when you are placing ezine ads. After all, advertising is a numbers game, right? More readers equal more clicks equal more sales. That's the conventional wisdom all right.

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Guest MarketingYouControl

Thinking big is important if you want to reach you goals.


"Who reaches for the stars does at least not end just with a handful of mud."


But I have to disagree with the "numbers game" - Advertising is NOT just numbers game.

It is a matching the correct customer with the correct offer - game.

If you can match only 10 clients that pay $2,000 for a product thats much better than
if you mach 1000 clients that just $20 - so the "numbers" must match different parts of

the equation.

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