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I think it depends on the settings that the blog owner has chosen for comments. They have the option to either let anyone comment (and whether they should add name and email address with that or not)  or they can allow comments only from people who have a wordpress account and are logged into it.

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The login button should appear at the top, right side of the Wordpress website. Try logging in on my Wordpress website, & leaving a comment...https://hopeisfree.net/.

Earning cash from home with Affiliate marketing & the wellness industry, I also enjoy "making music" with vocals & keys to uplift & encourage! Hopeisfree!

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if it's wordpress, determine first the domain name for example, the domain is example.com attach /wp-login.php to it and in that same page below the signup form you'll see a Register link to it in the format example.com/wp-login.php?action=register, you may attach this /wp-login.php?action=register at the end of the domain, and you can register to comment, if the owner of the wordpress blog have enabled membership registration as you may come as a subscriber.

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