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I have found a serious investment opportunity :)

WITHOUT the use of any capital, which means that you can only win here (under certain circumstances),

a loss is completely excluded, since no cent is invested.


In July 2017, the Krypto Exchange Binance had its own token "Binance Coin/BNB "positioned on the market

and given away at the beginning for free. Meanwhile the BNB Coin of Binance is over 15 USD.


I joined a project a few days ago, that maybe will be also successful.

After some research, I came to the conclusion that things could become highly lucrative - and it is completely free.


Why do I think that is serious and promising?


Because Bittrex is behind it - one of the most prestigious crypto exchanges on the Market.

In April of this year, Bittrex opens a new stock exchange, which is primarily aimed at the Asian market in Hong Kong.


Name of the new stock exchange: BITSDAQ


At the moment, Bitsdaq is giving away 1,000 tokens to anyone who will register under the following link (free of charge)!




Who not only registers but also verifies (KYC), gets another 4,000 tokens for free !!


In addition, there will be a 200 token bonus for daily login until March 31, 2019.



1,000 tokens for registration

200 tokens for daily login until the end of March

4,000 tokens for KYC verification


Optional: There are 500 tokens for each referral and when the partner verifies, then there are another 1,000 tokens.

So for every verified recommendation 1,500 tokens.


Here is my ref link for the registration:




As I said, the whole thing is free from any costs!

I see it as a chance, to have 5,000 - 10,000 tokens right at the start.

If we have for example 5,000 tokens and the course would be in the medium term maybe at 5 USD... :)

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