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The Advertising Token is doing a huge Airdrop right now!


Signup today and receive 500 FREE AVT Tokens.  :) 

The ICO will launch on April 3rd, 2019.


The AVT token will become a name brand crypto token in the advertising world.

Once the ICO is complete you will be able to purchase advertising on their ad network

with many publishers websites to show your crypto ads!


Earn AVT tokens by visiting websites, reading emails or by being a publisher

and showing members advertisements on your website.


An internal and external exchange will be added per the roadmap.

Both IOS and Android mobile apps are already in the works.


Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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Round 1 SOLD OUT - Round 2 begins April 5th.

Members now receive 100 AVT in Airdrop


Welcome all new members to AVT that have joined us in the last

24 hours.


Round 1 of our ICO is SOLD OUT!

This is an exciting time for AVT as it sold out in less than 24 hours.


Round 2 was suppose to Launch on April 6th, but because of the

demand we will start a day early and launch tomorrow April 5, 2019!


Airdrop Update


We have successfully given away our 5 million tokens via the airdrop.

Each new member received 500 AVT tokens for free just for signing

up. We will continue to offer 100 AVT tokens for new members from

here forward for signing up with our platform for the next 1 million



We will update you when these tokens are gone.


Withdrawing Tokens


One question I have received multiple times in the Telegram group

is will you be able to withdraw your 500 free tokens.


As stated on site and in our Telegram group, you must have 1000 AVT

tokens in your balance in order to withdraw. We have also stated that

the withdrawal feature for tokens will be available after the ICO is complete.


We have pushed the process up and the token withdrawal feature will be

available within the next 24 to 48 hours!


If you are wanting to withdraw your tokens, make sure your balance is over

the 1,000 threshold. If it is not, you can purchase additional tokens in

Round 2 of the ICO tomorrow.


I have spoken to the development team and the advertising credits along

with our publisher phase should be implemented in the next 10 days so we

can test that phase out before releasing to the public.


Many great things are happening hear at the Advertising Token.




Dustin Langley

Founder or AVT.

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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Quick email update - ROUND 2 STARTS TODAY!

All tokens will be $0.02 per token.

You will earn an extra 10% in tokens on your purchase.


Example: You purchase 1000, earn an extra 100 to your wallet.


Testing on withdrawals are still being made

We will update everyone with a concrete date

on when you can withdraw your tokens to your

Ethereum wallet.


We do recommend either Metatask or MEW.


Remember, you must have 1,000 tokens to withdraw

to your wallet. Get them now at the $0.02 as this is the

best price as the ICO will go up.



Dustin Langley

Founder of AVT.

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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I have purchased 550 Tokens (+10% Bonus). :D





We are about 5 hours into the Round 2 and have sold 250,000 tokens

which is a great start.


I am looking at starting a social media bounty to start late next

week. This will establish a great presence for the AVT token on:







We may add more social media sites, but those are the main sites

we are looking at right now.


If you are on the fence, grab you tokens now

while they are still at $0.02.


The development team will being doing more tests

on the transfer of tokens to Ether wallets tomorrow.


I did some personal tests with a few beta members and they

went well.


I hope everyone is excited.

Be sure to share with everyone you know as we

are still giving away 100 AVT tokens for new signups.



Dustin Langley

Founder of AVT

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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The weekends usually do not produce big updates.

So this will be short.


I want to stay in continued contact with my members of AVT

so I will try and send an update daily, or every other day to let

you know what is going on with the project.


I conducted some personal testing on the transfer of tokens to

a few different wallets with success on manual transfers.


The development team will be working on the automated transfer

process over the next few days, so all you'll have to do is go

to the token withdrawal page when it is active, enter how many

you want withdraw and it will be sent to your wallet within a few



If you haven't updated your Ethereum address, do so asap in your

profile page.


Please note, if you withdraw your tokens, you will have to re deposit

them if you wish to purchase advertising or purchase more through

an exchange.


I was approached by another ICO that is running who has their own

'online exchange' and wanted to know if I would list with him.


I am talking to him, but most likely will keep our tokens on more

reputable, although some small, exchanges.


I have a very special announcement coming next week that will help

everyone earn with our token even if you have not referred.


I will be in touch



Dustin Langley

Founder of AVT

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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We just hit 13k member today!


Over the next few days we will have some very important updates regarding how to earn

within the ICO stage along with token withdrawals.


We are super excited about the updates we are going to release in the next few days. We did

more transfers of tokens to test wallets and is look good. We have a few more tests on the

automation for members to withdraw their tokens effortlessly.


We officially hit our Soft Cap in Round 2. This let us complete payments to all vendors we used

to create AVT and the new Publisher Platform which will be released later this month.


We have a NEW concept in ICO Funds distribution coming this week which will revolutionize

how you earn as you purhcase tokens in the ICO.


We are also going to add a referral bounty where you will earn tokens for referring new members with

out them purchasing in the ICO - although with the new system, they will want to purchase in the ICO.


New social media bounties will be added within the next week.


A lot of great news and events are coming for the AVT token.

If you haven't logged in and allowed the Website Notifications, do so today so we

can communicate faster with you.




Founder of AVT

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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First we want to welcome all new members to AVT.


We have over 13k members, 13,206 as of this email.


We will close the door on Round 2 in 5 hours, so if you would like

to get more tokens at $0.02 per token, now would be the time.



Between Round 2 and Round 3 we are implementing a Revenue Sharing

Model so that we can share revenues we bring in from token sales with

our valued members!


What does this mean exactly?

Our minimum deposit is $5.

So if you purchase $5 worth of AVT in Round 3, you will receive your tokens

plus you will be given a revenue share position. This position will mature at

$5.75 or 115% of the purchase price.


We still have 73 million tokens we plan on selling to the general public and we

want everyone to be able to afford them and make money at the same time.


So go ahead and get your deposits in for Round 3 as they will sell out fast with

this type of rewards program for purchasing tokens.


Many people will buy thousands of tokens at a time, and earn their money back

quickly. Remember to withdraw you need to have at least 1000 AVT tokens in

your account to place a withdrawal.


This brings me to the topic of when will withdrawals be active?


When we launch Round 3, you may withdrawal your tokens to your ethereum wallet.

We advise using a MEW wallet or any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.


Do not use exchange wallets that we are not yet connected with, like Binance or Cryptopia. We haven't listed with them yet.


We are also adding Solid Trust Pay as a payment option for round 3 - 6 as we can

withdraw funds to bitcoin to help with our payments.


For those that are confused about the revenue share, I urge you to put in the $5 to see

how it works, I'm sure you'll be pleased as you can get tokens cheap and possibly

make your money back or even more.




Founder of AVT

Sign Up Here and get your free AVT tokens

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  • 5 weeks later...

As we near closer to going to an exchange, it is very

important that you have a big audience that will participate

in the exchange.


We have upped the referral bounty to 50 tokens for each new

referral starting today, May 9k 2019 at 3:30 PM CST.


Remember you must have 1000 tokens to withdraw and the price

of tokens go up tomorrow.



Dustin Langley

Founder of AVT


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