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Argentas Airdrop - 12,499 AXU ($ 16)  :) 


Argentas is building a new global payment network and distributing some of their future global currency to early adopters. 

This all is by invitation only and I have 6 invitations available.


Here is my invitation link: https://argentas.io/users/invite.php?invite=SWNSTnoHby


Once you have made an account, leave PM or reply here and I will validate your registration.


Want to have more AXU even on top of what you can reserve?


Well, a limited quantity of further AXUs has been made available for our members on an exclusive basis.

The price per one AXU of this restricted stock is only 0.01 XLM, which in turn is currently ca. USD 0.0013 per AXU

(or ca. AXU 779 for USD 1), containing a potential 779-fold upside towards the estimated future USD parity level,

should that be achieved in the future.  The potential is of course very interesting, even if no price level

can be guaranteed or promised in any way whatsoever. The bigger will be the community of users,

the more there is going to be activity in the network, and the greater will be the value achieved in accordance

with the quantity theory of money. It will be exciting to follow, how it goes, but as a community, we will make it strong together.

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