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Tessline Limited


Dear investors!

Tessline invites its customers to attend the first Tessline event in Asia.

The venue for this event will be the big center Halls 8 & 10 (VIVA), AsiaWorld-Expo - Hong Kong

This event will be a truly great celebration for all Tessline customers.

At this summit, conditions will be told for those customers who wish to visit the stock exchange, and see with their own eyes how Tessline conducts trading in stock markets.

The director of the company will fully represent the company in the Asian market and will tell you the specifics of working with the company, will tell you how and what the company earns.

The director will also raise the following questions:

- Extension of the insurance contract after September 1, 2020.

- How will lists for visiting the stock market be made

- Features of working with a company in Asia

- Presentation of the new referral program

We will be glad to see you at this meeting.

Leaders will be able to attend the event at the expense of the company.

See you on June 14 at 4:00 pm Halls 8 & 10 (VIVA), AsiaWorld-Expo - Hong Kong


My withdrawals:  :D




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