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The Most Important Part Of My Business Is Building A Team

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Hi MC Members and Guests,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

The Most Important Part Of My Business Is Building A Team.

For me, I’m looking for Team Leaders that will Leverage my Time and Effort to Build a Solid Team, Generate Sales and Earn A Residual Income Month After Month!

To me, it’s easier to build a team than to directly sell products and services.

With a team, I don’t have to guess what they need and want because they will buy what they need and want from their OWN store without me directly selling them anything.

Of course, I’m looking for Team Leaders that I don’t have to Push, Pull and Drag them across to finish to become Diamond Team Leaders.

I’m looking to attract Top Leaders that want to become Top Team Leaders! B) 

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i go for both: building a team that sells products and services for me by means of affiliate program partnership or joint ventures.

and also i sell my own products and services directly.


it's the only thing i do online advertise, promote and market.


recently i wrote some ebooks up for sale in amazon, im selling them myself through my author central panel - coming very soon, and also by directly linking to it, though im not an amazon affiliate since it's not available in our country yet, plus have the opportunity to being promoted by one of the best promoters and marketers online in amazon.

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